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  1. Fiesta St180 Pads...

    Have you got a link for the rear EBC pads? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Fiesta St180 Pads...

    I have been looking for EBC ones for ages and I couldn't seem to find any! I guess now I know why. Standard pads are fine it's just when I had my Zetec S I put Green stuff pads on that and I saw a big difference personally! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Fiesta St180 Pads...

    Hi guys, Sorry haven't been on here much! A lot has happened, my Ecoboost Zetec S has been replaced for a Fiesta ST! I was wondering what Brake pads you people have on your ST's? Any recommendations? Many thanks Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. 2014 03 04 19.03.21

    No, they use to be an ugly standard yellow/orange but I just bought blue LED bulbs from ebay and replaced them
  5. Calipers Painted Red!:d

    Thank you very much mate! I did two coats, you can do more if you want to but I found two coats have very good coverage! I put the wheels back on when the paint is touch dry, but I wouldn't drive it until maybe mid-day tomorrow just so it's fully dry, the pot says 24 hours before it's fully dry.
  6. Calipers Painted Red!:d

    Hi Guys, Just wanted to share my new little mod I did today! I went to halfords and bought Red Brake Caliper Paint, Brake Cleaner and a paint brush, in the morning and began cleaning my calipers ready for paint, will attach a few photos so you guys can decide wheather it looks good or not! Total Cost = £19.76
  7. Clutch Failed 2013 Fiesta Zs!!!

    It was Think Ford Farnborough. Within the first month of purchasing the car I phoned them and said to them I think there is something wrong with this car! Absolutely horrendous service which I'm very shocked and angry about. I will most certainly be making a complaint.
  8. Hi guys, I was just wondering what type of engine oil do ford recommand for the 1.0L Ecoboost engines? Many Thanks Noor
  9. Your Fiesta

    My very much loved Zetec S :)
  10. 2013 Fiesta Zetec S

  11. Clutch Failed 2013 Fiesta Zs!!!

    Thank you very much mate! My dealership are absolutely terrible! the guys there even assumed that I was doing 'wheel spins' which could of hurt the clutch!!? I think it's because they see a young guy and think they can just pass on everything. I haven't thought about making a complain to be honest but now you've brought it up I definitely will be making one. If I get anything out of it then it's a plus!
  12. Clutch Failed 2013 Fiesta Zs!!!

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that as well! Many Thanks mate, I just missing driving my car
  13. Servicing On Zetec S 1.0L Ecoboost

    Yeah you're right! I will just book it in asap, just to have that peace of mind
  14. Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know what's happened to my 13 Plate ZS. on the 1st April was driving back home in traffic, then I couldn't get the car into gear any more. I drove back home in second gear, and things just got even worse. The car was struggling to start because the clutch wasn't engaging properly, Called my local ford and they advised me to call ford assist this was around 4:30pm. Ford assist said it could be up to 2 hours for someone to come and take the car by which then my local ford will be closed. I decided to drive the car in second gear to my ford garage(Thank you long gear ratios!) Took it too ford, one of the guys drove it and said he also thought it was the clutch. At the this point I was very annoyed because I had previously mentioned to ford that the clutch on this car is giving me problems and I think its faulty, back then ford assured me that there is nothing with the clutch and having said that after a few weeks I broke down because the car wouldn't get out of reverse gear, AA guy came and managed to get it out and gave me a report saying ford needs to investigate gearbox! Took it too ford next day, and they said they cant find anything wrong with it, and that they can't investigate the gearbox because the problem wasn't there at the time. I hoped it was a one off and left it. The car has been with my local ford for the past 12 days and a series of events took place. The guys there said that if it was the clutch then I would have to pay for it. I said to them I will not pay for a new clutch on the car because I've had it for less than 6 months and the car has done 15k in total. We ended on them saying lets see what the problem is first. I phoned them up a few days after and they said that they need to get approval from ford to open up the gearbox. after a few days I phoned again they told me that the clutch on the car has failed but they have no idea why! They also said that they phone Main ford and they agreed to pay for the new clutch because they don't know why it failed. They said we are now waiting on parts to arrive and it shouldn't take any longer then 2-3 working days, this was on the Tuesday 8th April. I phoned them Yesterday and they said they are still waiting on parts which are expected to arrive by Wednesday/Thursday and the car should be ready by Friday 18th April. I was very shocked to hear how long it will take to receive a clutch. Very sorry if the story had dragged but overall I just wanted to say that I've personally never seen such bad service from a local ford garage. In total I would be without my car for 18 days and that's if I get it back on Friday. I personally think if I was paying for it myself they would of had it done the next day. What do you guys think about the whole situation? Many Thanks Noor
  15. Servicing On Zetec S 1.0L Ecoboost

    I will most likely supply my own oil to get the price down a bit! On mine when I bought the car 6 months ago the sales man said they would service it for me before I got the car because it had done 9800 and it was nearly due for a service, but now ford tell me that it's not had a service done and it needs one? I've had a lot of bad experiences with ford since I got this car