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  1. Dashboard Crash And Red Cog? (55 Reg)

    Ahh, okay. I'll get it check out by a garage and see if they can confirm the fault. Thanks for the assistance :)
  2. Dashboard Crash And Red Cog? (55 Reg)

    Hi, thanks for the reply. I also found something on the forum about a speedometre sensor fault? Could it be that? Is an instrument cluster easily fixed? I'll make the garage aware as they seem to check everything but what you explain to them lol
  3. Hi everyone, A couple of months ago I was happily driving along when all of a sudden i lost a lot of power (not all) and an orange co light appeared on the dashboard. I managed to get it looked at by a garage and they couldn't find anything wrong with it, so i put it down to a 'freaky' moment. Now, I've had a bit more of problem. Last week I was driving along a usy A road when randomly my dials crashed to 0 and all the warning lights had come on, as if it I was starting her up, and then some disapeared but the red cog remained. I managed to pull off and waited to see if the dials came online again, they didn't. So i restarted and all was ok. This happened again this morning, however instead of being on a busy A road, i was stuck in some traffic. Same thing happened, dials crashed to 0, warning lights came on then disapeared except the red cog. So again i waited to see if the dials would come back, they didn't and I managed to get into work ok after a restart. I've had the car since January this year and this is the first fault I've come across so i'm not sure exactly what the cog lights indicate. A couple of notes to add, when in this 'crashed mode' the car functions fine (engine, drivetrain, gear changes etc) except for the dash. I'm new here so please excuse the mass post lol Any help would be appreciated before i hand it over the garage and get "couldn't find anything wrong with it" again Cheers Will