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  1. Engine Really Holding Back

    Hi I have similar problems regarding loss of power, it seems to be really sluggish from 1st,2nd to 3rd but then when the revs build up all of a sudden some power kicks in, but still gutless when it does!! I took it too ford and he done the diagnostics and it read about 57 faults!!!! There was a few relating to the inlet and outlet on manifold which I see but he said he would have to take faults details(codes) and get back to me and for the meantime put some redex in fuel. It seemed to clear it slightly for about 2-3 days but now back to crap! I waited a week and herd nothing so went back to garage and he had a second look then cleared the fault and off I trotted thinking all was good when couple of hours later when I popped to the shop,,,the engine management light come back on! :( .....did the PCM update work or do u know what my prob can be as it sounded similar to yours....I'm clueless with cars and can't afford to keep going to ford,,,it's getting expensive lol