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  1. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    only parts i havent had problems with or replace are maf injectors and timing
  2. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    the garage i work at specialize in german manufacturers hence the help required here
  3. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    yeah, which has caused the vanes to seize a recon turbo in under a month, poss injectors?
  4. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    intercooler all looks okay no sign of cracking or damage
  5. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    full service including all filters, done 2 thou miles ago, still awaiting good recomendation on a decent ford diesel garage.
  6. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    all pipes ok no splits, cracks or holes
  7. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    can't hear any leaks will double check the pipes whilst car is off road, injectors at 120 thousand miles possibility? i want no lights on, so isit true blanking electronic egr cause engine light, car is on ferry December so might pop to a useful ford dealer whilst away. i went to my local ford dealer many times with fault codes and full vehicle history asking them to point me in right direction, they said they dont deal with many mondeo's and especially at that sort of mileage, being on an island stuck to 35 everywhere, and alot of stop starting they dont have a clue about high mileage, and long running engine problems.
  8. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    yeah all myself
  9. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    nope the variable vanes have seized, the actual bearing, feels loose on exhaust side, but its the vanes that have gone, problem i have is our local ford specialist on guernsey are not at all helpful as i have had to do all diagnostic and research myself, no help whatsoever, and being on the island do not have good ford diesel specialist to hand, if you could recomend a specialist close to southern ports would be a great help
  10. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    yeah turbo was brand new/reconditioned unit, on the 02/10/2013 by turbo solutions and the actuator done a month before by ecu testing, slight problem is i am a mechanic but dont have right ford oe spec kit
  11. Tdci Problem.help!!!

    all hoses check ok, egr was brand new and only fault code was P132b which is turbo performance problem, maf seemed to check out ok on live data but cant fully remember
  12. 2006 Ford Mondeo Zetec TDCi 130ps, N7BB engine. replaced egr valve,map sensor, intercooler to egr pipe and turbocharger,full service 2k miles ago. (believed to be) "black" smoke under acceleration and in turbo lag range heavy acceleration alot, turbocharger vanes haves seized in under a month of new turbo being fitted, being sent for repair. help!! any ideas.