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  1. The Mk4 doesnt have the integral fitting in the roof, i assume not anyhow as i checked a large number of different places (for prices and kit comparison) and they all had the same style. this is a pic of the Thule kit i bought http://www.whyyoulittle.co.uk/mondeo/rack.jpg an as you can see has a small stud. http://www.skidrive.co.uk/bars/selector3.php?idx=398
  2. Quick question. I have some roof bars (thule) for my mondeo for camping and the like. They arrived today and the clamp on the lower part appears to have a single stud which i assume will line up with a pre-existing hole in the bodywork/door area. So can someone confirm (and show a pic if so?) that the car does have holes so the lower part of the clamp will fit in and stay solid. I dont have the car, but got the bars as i will pretty much need them from day 1! cheers all
  3. I have just registered as have the option for a mondeo company car, but the amount of info offered is minimal! Basically, i have the option to pick any radio, but not sure what will be the best option. I want quality, but also dont want to spend too much as i can get other options. So can anyone point me to the specs of each radio (ie output/etc) and which one would suit my needs best? my options are the 5" advanced sat nav, DVD Navigation with USB /Touch Screen, Sony DAB Digital Radio and CD Player or the OEM unit. the proce difference is £1000 between the sony DAB and the touchscreen, which is a lot. So with these different options, do the speakers get upgraded as well, or not? is the only difference the head unit with them all or anything else different? I am edging toward the sony, but want to see if the speakers are the same as with the more expensive units, as i dont really want a touchscreen (would just buy a tomtom!) and the other one in-between would be nice but the DAB (if it does MP3 and also with an Aux out) would be my option if the speakers are the same. So can anyone comment or give a link to the actual specs of the radios as searching doesnt seem to provide anything like that. Cheers