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  1. I've been told to test my heater control valve with a multi meter but I'm unsure what to do so could any one help me please
  2. Help Heaters Don't Work

    Thank you will be ordering one tomorrow off ebay
  3. Help Heaters Don't Work

    Do it sound like the heater control valve or something else
  4. Help Heaters Don't Work

    My heaters don't work on my streetka , when I've been driving for about 30mins I can feel a little bit off heat getting blown throu the heaters but nothing much even when the heaters are all switched off . Could it be the heater control valve and are the heaters all the same on the ka's
  5. Streetka Knocking Noise

    Lower bottom arm maybe I got same problem
  6. Streetka Lower Arm

    How easy/hard is it to fit a new lower arm on streetka Is it a job for a garage or could it be done by yourself
  7. How easy/hard is it to fit new lower arms on streetka
  8. Streetka Problems

    I bought a 04 plate streetka last month , firstly the heaters don't work at all but when the engine is fully warm you can feel a little bit off warm air coming from the vents and that happends no matter if the heaters are switched on or off , secondly the water / coolant likes to disappear . There's no wet patches under car so really don't understand where it's going . I need to fill it up everyday with water it's not overheating and it's running find but these two problems are really confusing as a lot off garages are all saying different things .