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  1. Help! Zetec S Problem

    Bubbling coolant is not right and should be investigated immediately. It may be that the system hasn't been bled properly by Ford causing an air lock which could give what you describe.. However, it could be a number of things, so best to get it booked in and looked at.
  2. Vandalising B*stards!

    Feel for you mate. Having had a previous car of mine vandalised I share your frustration. Remember though, Karma will work its magic.
  3. How Much Should I Expect To Pay

    Nice job.
  4. Who Does The Least Driving Per Year?

    Mine is 4 years old and just turned over on 11k. I have use of other vehicles so the Fez is mainly used at weekends.
  5. Petrol Consumption Fiesta Zetec 1.4

    Just out of interest, how many miles do you get to a full tank?
  6. Mk7 Fiesta Zetec S Petrol Engine Undertray

    Yes, it does. I ordered a diesel undertray and fitted it to my zetec S with no issues. The only thing you'll have to do is make sure its securely fitted on the nearside as theres nothing for it to mount to. I used a very long cable tie and secured it to the wishbone mount - no problems so far.
  7. Mk6.5 Fiesta St Or Mk7 Zetec S

    Having also owned a Clio 182 they are no way comfier than a ZS. I kept mine for nearly 3 years and flogged it because of the rattles &squeaks (only had 40k on it) which plagued the car. Great fun to drive but very poorly built.....its probably the only car I've sold and don't miss!
  8. Soddin' Beeping!

    Ok, thanks Daniel & Stoney - will give the buzzer method a go.
  9. Soddin' Beeping!

    Bugger! Guess I'll have to put up with it then.
  10. Soddin' Beeping!

    Hi all, Is there a way to switch off the rear parking sensors? - they are way too sensitive, and frankly, doing my head in. I've had a look on the menu and can't see anything on there to deactivate them. Is it a case of removing a fuse or relay? Thanks in advance.
  11. V Reg Fiesta Need Help To Get Better Economy

    I think that pretty much covers it. One thing I've been doing is using Millers petrol power eco max fuel additive. A cap full in the tank before filling has slightly upped my MPG figure, but has only been noticeable on motorway journeys.
  12. A good service would be the first port of call. Old oil/plugs/filters won't be doing your engine any favours and would certainly contribute to poor MPG. I'd wager you will see a noticeable improvement once this is done.
  13. What are you averaging to a tank full?
  14. Fiesta Zetec S Twin Exhaust

    That looks great, I think I've just found my next exhaust B)