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  1. Finch13

    Judder When I Accelerate

    So had the car in cruise control tonight, and all of a sudden an 'engine malfunction' warning came up on the screen and complete loss of power when accelerating. I turned the engine off and on again and all seemed fine, but I get a slight judder when accelerating now. Any idea what this would be? I've got a ford focus 09 TCDI Titanium
  2. Finch13

    Question For Mk2 Focus Owners (09 Plate)

    Thanks for the replies guys! I'm grabbing the car today (fortunately the roof rack turned up this morning) so in theory I'll be trialing the dalek in the boot for an event at Leicester Space Centre tomorrow! I shall let you know in case any of you should have/want a dalek! lol
  3. Hey guys, This is going to sound like a random question, but bear with me... I currently have a MK1 Ford Focus, and I transport a full size Dalek around in it. It's a bit tight getting it all in but I manage with the help of a roof rack as well. Anyway, I am getting an 09 Mk2(?) Focus on Friday, and I'm slightly concerned the larger part of the prop won't fit through the boot door. Is there much of a difference, or at all, in the width and height of the opening to a MK1 Focus to a MK2? or if anyone could supply me with the opening measurements that'd be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Finch!