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  1. I've got exactly the same issue, absolute nightmare! My Focus 1.6 TDCI has been an absolute pig in regards to steering, the guy I bought it from was a trusted family dealer/mechanic, car was fine for around 2-3 weeks loved driving it then the locking steering happened took it back and he couldn't work out the issue as he had done alot of refurbing on the car. Including new bushes which makes me think about the job he's done on them, Interesting! Anyway he's spent alot trade value on new parts (rack, power steering pump + new wires, 3 sets of new discs) 2-3 weeks later guess what started all over again! He took it to a Ford garage and they've said its something to do with the ball joint its quite comon so I thought I had it sorted with this new part on. My Focus has the 3 steering settings and in sport it still locks like a ***** but in Comfort its barely noticeable and now ive got wobble at 60mph+ and clunking noise when turning at low speeds? Just want it sorted! Hope this helps anyone with same issue! (P.s my breaks also caused steering wobble upon breaking but that seems to be fixed now so something must have helped lol) Sent from my GT-N7100 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. What Tyres For My Focus?

    Okay thank you I will look online now and see what is available and look for those two recommendations! Thanks a lot! Sent from my GT-N7100 using Ford OC mobile app
  3. What Tyres For My Focus?

    I've had my Focus for a while now and honestly enjoy everything it has to offer, but I'm noticing slight vibrations at speed and also my steering feels really tough just off centre then really light after. The car has two different sets of tyres on it and both names I've never heard of! After looking how the tyres can affect handling and vibrations I'm starting to think maybe it's time for a new set! Can anyone help with recommendations please? I don't want to be lumbered with bad tyres! (Budget around £250 as only looking for two on the front wheels, tyres pressures are at recommend levels and same all round) Sent from my GT-N7100 using Ford OC mobile app
  4. Power Steering Falling Asleep??

    My Focus steers completely fine until after 30mph then after that I would definitely say the steering has a big change- all it wants to do is go in a straight line and b roads it locks a lot on sweeping bends, how ever after looking up on the steering system in the car they all say it it designed to have high resistance in the centre then little after? Just sounds confusing and un necessary! Sent from my VS TOUCHTAB 7DC using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Power Steering Falling Asleep??

    No problem, also look into the steering you have on your car I have seen some websites saying hydraulic steering systems have assists that alter when the steering is light/heavy to keep you in a straight line. Which ill admit sounds like a massive design flaw! Who doesn't want to turn!
  6. Power Steering Falling Asleep??

    If theres now three different options to your steering that weren't there before there's definitely been something updated. Do you have hydraulic steering?
  7. Trim Removal

    Okay, hopefully someone on here will know but I'll take a flat head to it tomorrow see if you're right! Thanks Sent from my VS TOUCHTAB 7DC using Ford OC mobile app
  8. Ohh okay hahaha, thanks anyway :) Sent from my VS TOUCHTAB 7DC using Ford OC mobile app
  9. Hi! thanks for your response. Ah yeah I see them, up too £150! could you also tell me how much your tinted windows cost?!?! Look wicked:)
  10. Power Steering Falling Asleep??

    Yeah when I first had this issue he did try telling me that this wasn't a common issue so believe me I was also kind of glad to see you had the same issue :'). But bearing in mind there's a lot of different things that could be the issue still with this but mine was the pump! Yeah Ford dealers did also cross my mind and I think you've done the right thing, when it comes to problems in the steering it gets pretty worrying to drive anywhere! I was lucky as I arranged to pay part of mine off monthly so I was always going to be in contact with the dealer. Yeah I know how you feel getting the car back today with it fixed felt like I had a brand new car! As to your courtesy car it sounds like you've got a pooper! hahaha I also agree with you on the never buying French part as well!! :') Hope everything gets sorted for you, stand your ground though the amount of times I was told it's "this and that" and to try it for a few weeks make sure their sorting it properly! Nothing more frustrating than a mechanic LOL!
  11. Hi, I've seen soooo many cheap head units on Ebay Etc. promising all the features but am reluctant to spend on anything that will end up being crap! If anyone has any links or info on a decent head unit for a Ford Focus mk2 please let me know!
  12. Power Steering Falling Asleep??

    I've just bought my 54 plate Focus and had similar issues! the power steering seemed to start working mid turn on the steering wheel. Thankfully I had just bought the car from a dealer so took it back he tried to tell me it was "dirty steering oil" which wasn't doing the job properly so he said he would flush it for me then after a few weeks bring it back in. For two days it was fine until it started again, I took it back in a week after to get it flushed again but to no avail. The matter got quite serious as the locking got worse so I returned and made sure the issue was fixed, he had to (reluctantly) change the power steering pump which wasn't cheap as ECU had to be done as well (all on warranty). All is now well and the steering is better than ever! I realise this is a late post but if you're still having issues this may help!
  13. Trim Removal

    Hi! I've just bought my 54 plate Focus and noticed the previous owner must have taken the rear speakers out, it's driving me crazy only having use of my front speakers! could you please help with how to remove the door panels please? I've just had a look and couldn't see any 'obvious' way of doing it but it must be possible if they took them out I guess. Many thanks