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  1. Help- Fault Code

    Thanks again Wase16ll. Yeah its a diesel. The mechanic said he would take the injector out and send to get tested.
  2. Help- Fault Code

    Thanks Wase16ll I cant remember the exact code I think it was 9212?
  3. Help- Fault Code

    Hi I've a problem with my 2009 1.8td Galaxy, every now and again while driving along 'Engine malfunction' is displayed on the dash and car enters limp mode.Turn car off for 30secs and restart and its back to normal. I've taken it to local garage to get plugged in, Both times the fault code 'Injector no.2 open/broke' comes up. He told me he can't say exactly what this is but next time it happens he will take injector out, get it tested and take it from there. It's happened again tonight and while I could take it straight to main dealer and get it sorted i'd rather give the work to my local mechanic, but not wanting to be left without the car for long while he traces the problem, so if anyone maybe knew the exact meaning of the fault code that would be great. Many thanks guys for any replies Jomp
  4. Hi

    Just a quick hello to introduce myself. I'm Jomp and just signed up, hope to be of help at some stage and hope to get help :) Thanks