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  1. Ride Height?

    i have a Fiesta Mk4 1.4L 1998 i'm want to lower my car but i don't know how to find the original height of the ride, the car has already been lowered from factory so i dont know much its been lowered. Does anyone know what the factory height is? or where i can find it?
  2. Need Help Removing Airbox

    aahh i see ! i'll have another go at it again and let you know the results, thanks mate :)
  3. Need Help Removing Airbox

    theres actually no bolts or screws as far as i can see, which is why im alittle confused as to how to remove it. i could try use abit more force to pry it from the pipe but it doesn't seem to be the only thing holding it down :L i dont think it matters if the airbox breaks im installing an induction kit after all :L
  4. Need Help Removing Airbox

    ok so heres the bottom of the airbox thats stuck http://imageshack.us/a/img855/5491/gja0.jpg and heres the pipe i think is holding it down but doesnt want to move http://imageshack.us/a/img820/4933/ywju.jpg and the airbox location itself http://imageshack.us/a/img855/5491/gja0.jpg
  5. Need Help Removing Airbox

    i have a Fiesta Mk4 1.4 1998 i have a damaged airbox and i want to install an induction kit instead. i have managed to remove the top half and the air filter, but the bottom is stuck on something. i've removed all the locks from the bottom part of the airbox however it seems the airbox is still attached to the intake pipe i think. it doesnt seem to budge even with some amount of force, is there something im missing (screws etc) or is more force needed to pry it from the pipe? help me :(