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  1. Hi Guy's. I've got a 2007 transit connect and having a strange battery drain problem. When the weather is mild (warm) and left overnight it starts perfect, however when the outside temperature is cold, it drains the battery. I've done a battery drain test in the day and all seems to be OK, however I can't stay up all night to keep testing the battery.. I would appreciate any help or advice. Ash
  2. Hi Guy's, A customer has got a 1.7 puma (from memory it was a 2000 model) and it suddenly stopped on him. Ive tried everything and can't get it to spark at the plugs. no error codes are coming up. I've changed plugs, leads, coil pack, cam shaft sensor, rail loom, another ECU and still nothing. Ive also checked the plug going to the coil pack which the centre pin is live when the ignition is on but I've read that the two outer pins should pulse as a negative when the engine is cranked which it doesn't. Ive checked continuity from them to the ECU and they are fine. Can anyone please give me some help on this? Many thanks in advance ASH
  3. Many thanks for that.. Can anyone please confirm if this is a common problem?? Many Thanks
  4. Hi Guy's.. My 57 plate focus estate has developed a strange fault where the following lights are constantly on on the dash: Airbag light, handbreak light, aircon light, seatbelt light. Also, when I use the indicators & main beam, they don't show up on the dash.. I have read somewhere that this is a common problem and it's something to do with the fusebox by the passangers feet.. I wanted to confirm this before i start messing around and wanted some input.. Also, if it is that, do i have to reset the ecu? (i've read somewhere that to reset the ecu I'll have to disconnect the battery for 10 mins).. Any help please.. & thanks in advance ASH