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  1. they asked me to fill in their online survey to explain what happened. I was told they checked the car park hourly (its basically in the premier inn building!) so I'm befuddled how this took up until 11:30 in the morning for me on checkout to notice it all was stolen with glass everywhere! it obviously happened overnight. My poor Ford :(
  2. thanks :) do you have any idea where I could get the blanking cover online?
  3. Hello everyone, my first post in a while and it's not a happy one!! I went for a night out in Bristol and stayed over at the travelodge and parked in their 'secure' carpark. came to leave in the morning and glass was everywhere. they completely wrecked my windows and stole all my tech (that was hidden away in the glove box!) all the interior is scratched etc etc. Anyway, I've got the car hoovered out (and cut myself on some of the glass) and booked it to be repaired Monday. the theives for some reason broke off bits of my interior and was wondering if you could shed any light of what they were and where can I get replacements? please see album attached: http://postimg.org/gallery/yesynyxw/ My car is a 2009 plate Ford Fiesta I'd appreciate any help!! Thanks
  4. just tried both disconnecting the battery, and taking the fuse out for an hour, and no luck! :( any other suggestions?
  5. Nope my model doesn't have the USB input sadly, only AUX CD and Radio. going to try the battery disconnecting trick this morning and see if that works.
  6. I guess I will try in the morning with the aid of sunlight. if I can't get to the fuse I will just do the battery. What confuses me is an official ford garage spent all day trying to figure out what the problem was. could the solution be something so simple!? keeping my fingers crossed anyway.
  7. ok, attempted to get to my fuse box which my user guide says is behind the glove compartment. I emptied it, pushed the sides in to gain access but it didn't budge! why can't they make these things easier!
  8. I'm going to try to pull the fuse for an hour and will report back. going by the manual it's fuse 21 I need to pull... watch this space guys!
  9. Will that not need a radio security code to be entered once that's tried? where would I get that from?
  10. Hi all, In a bit of a mess here, the other day I went to go to work, turned my key in the ignition and radio 1 didn't come on as normal, just silence. on the media screen above the radio controls all it said was "Ford Audio Welcome" and was frozen on that with no sound at all. I could turn the media centre on and off as normal, however each time I turned it on all I'd get was that message and in the bottom right hand corner of the media screen there is a constantly lit little red cog (see photos). There has been no disconnecting of the battery and no power drains. I took it to a ford garage today and they had no idea, and said it would cost over 500 pounds to investigate so I came here hoping someone could shed some light?? Many thanks Josh ps. none of the buttons on the left hand side work, including CD eject and all the choices of audio input. (Ford fiesta Zetec 2009 plate 1.25)