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  1. Ok so start with: HT Leads Clean idle control valve Reset base setting of throttle butterfly. See if that works if all else fails.. Temp sensor 02 sensor (is this the lambda sensor?) Thanks :) your a star!! I will update in the week hopefully can find a decent mechanic now! Sarah
  2. Just been searching and apparently I have a TMAP sensor? Also some people say to change HT leads what are these?? Apparently garage tried a coil pack but no difference but im wondering if I should try all three?
  3. Ive been told there is no MAF sensor on my car? As electronic pedal? Not sure if this is correct.
  4. If the engine is in high gears then it is smooth but low gears/idle it judders the needle shakes up and down then cuts out when slowing down/coming to junctions. It is even worse when cold but slightly better when engine warm but not amazing. Thanks :)
  5. This is the vehicle report if it helps... The vehicle upon inspection was cutting out and the revs of the engine would be missing. The number four cylinder was low on compression this we assumed would be the reason why the vehicle was missing revs. We proceeded to take the Head off and discovered that two valves on the outlet exhaust were leaking. We inspected the engine and could see that the Head had been taken off before and worked on previously. The valves had been replaced and one of the valves was not lapped in correctly. The wrong sealant was used for the rock cover when the vehicle was previously worked on. We replaced two valves on the vehicle; however the vehicle was not performing how a vehicle of that mileage should perform. We changed the spark plugs, ignition coil, gasket and cleansed the catalytic converter. Although the vehicle has improved, this is only a slight improvement. We repeated this procedure twice. We consulted other garages in the local area to gain further professional opinions but they could not understand why the vehicle is still missing revs. We noted that the acceleration pedal was packed out with cable tie and tape to keep therevs high in the vehicle. This would give the appearance of the vehicle functioning normally and the revs being a normal rate for acceleration. It is clear that somebody knew there was a defect in the vehicle for them to have packed the acceleration. Sarah
  6. It also judders/shakes in low gears/idle like im on the old kangaroo petrol!
  7. Thanks for your reply I really appreciate everyones thoughts on this dilemma! They have done a few code recheck/compression tests since changing valves but only slight improvement on compression test. No improvement on the driving though. Basically the car cuts out when coming to a junction or slowing down. The needle shakes also in low gears/idle. The garage basically said they cannot figure out why its still doing it? So im stuck with this shed on my drive :( Do not know what to do and what to spend money on.. Thanks, Sarah
  8. These any good? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200977275628 - FORD FIESTA MK 6/7 02-07 ELECTRIC THROTTLE PEDAL BODY UNIT http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TP051-FORD-FIESTA-1-4-Throttle-Potentiometer-/290582027041pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item43a809db21 - 1.4 Throttle Potentiometer Thanks
  9. Brilliant thank you I will pass it onto the garage tomorrow as im not the best! Really appreciate your help! :)
  10. Yes the garage put it on the diagnostic machine and valve 3 came up hence being replaced but to be honest there is no difference apart from the EAC light being off?? Im going to take it to the electronic garage tomorrow to do tests as im not car minded unfortunately! So more money down the drain.. the car was bought via Ebay but with Cash but Ebay policy is that they do not cover cars with their money back policy so be very aware when buying on Ebay...its put me off totally! Thanks
  11. Yes the EAC lit up and juddered to a stop. How would I test the pedal? Thanks
  12. Ok so it doesn't have a MAF on my car? Someone on another forum said I can check the throttle but awaiting response on how to do it .. There are common problems with the throttle position sensor on some Fiestas. The quickest check I know is to put a multimeter across the sensor, and open and close the throttle smoothly. The resistance should change just as smoothly with no 'swinging' needle Also ive been told it could be an idle control valve? Both the throttle and idle control valve can be removed and cleaned to see if there is improvement am I right?? Thanks
  13. No the seller did this only to cheat his way in selling the car to keep the revs up so it wouldn't stop running - well that's what the garage said..it didn't work as half way home It began idling and it continues to since garage took it off..im thinking of possibilities of: -Idle Speed Control Valve? -Oxygen Sensor? -MAF Sensor? -Blocked Catalytic converter? -Faulty Crankcase breathing pipe? Although these are common idle/misfire issues I've listed I have no idea which one it would be?! Thanks, Sarah
  14. Hi I am having an absolute nightmare with my new 2003 1.4 Zetec Fiesta that I recently got conned in buying via Ebay a week ago. Upon buying the vehicle there was no problem with the engine it ran like a dream - yes accelerator was tied down with a cable tie - what I have found out since taking to a garage!!! The issue is now the car doesn't run properly in low gears when coming to a junction it conks out..It intermittently conks out when it heats up? Revs of the engine misfire also. The garage took the head gasket off and replaced two valves on the outlet exhaust as they were leaking. It looked like the head had been taken off previously? and valves were not lapped in properly and wrong sealant used for the rock cover when previously worked on (now panic is setting in). The garage also replaced spark plugs, ignition coil, gasket and cleansed the catalytic converter. It has improved slightly but still conks out and takes a while sometimes for revs to come down when in higher gears? They consulted other garages in the area and none of them could understand why the car was missing revs? The car judders on low gears/idle? Please any help would be appreciated I have now spent £1200 buying it and another £800 trying to rectify this dodgey car sale.. Regards, Sarah