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  1. Arch Paint Edge

    The car is 2 weeks old. 500 miles.
  2. Arch Paint Edge

    I have a small 1inch area of the leading edge of my wheel arch where the paint has split. Down to the white. This is directly behind wheel and more than likely a result of it being hammered by road debris taking the edge of. The one on the other side is just starting to go. My question is. Is this tough luck to me for not using mud flaps, or is it unacceptable that the paint is so weak in that area its only withstood 2 weeks of driving. Like is it a warranty job, or a accept it and move on.
  3. Hey guys. My focus has the common problem of the rubber trim just above the windscreen blowing up often. I then have to get out and push it back onto the top of the windscreen. I tried getting it done via warrenty but trim is not covered. So whats the best way to stick it back down. Im happy enough to glue it to the top of the windscreen as if the screen ever comes out the rubber will be replaced anyway. I just want a neat tidy job and not have to push the rubber back down every 100 miles lol
  4. Rubber Windscreen Seal

    Hi guys, I have got an issue with my Ford. Apparently its very common. The rubber seal along the top of the windscreen has lost its stick, and every couple of hundred miles blows up. This makes a rattling noise in the wind and requires being pushed back on to the top of the windscreen. Now I know this is only superficial and no cause for concern, but I want it fixed. The car was in warranty but apparently that does not cover the rubber trims.. great. So basically it needs glued back to the windscreen. I dont mind doing this as the seal would need replaced anyway if the windscreen was replaced so no big deal. Anyone got experience with this and the best way to do it?
  5. Car Wont Start, Advice Needed!

    Lyndsay Ford however, pack of #####. Want to charge me £15 for them to tell me the serial code code they have wrote down for my radio!! Scandal! lol I will send you over the number here now mate, thansk!
  6. Car Wont Start, Advice Needed!

    I never checked for a fuse! Once I disconnected, and reconnected the battery all is working again. The wee dash even goes off at 10 mins.. Very weird!
  7. Car Wont Start, Advice Needed!

    Well! That worked!! I have two questions though. 1. How long does the wee dash display stay lit normally? 2. My radio now needs a code, a V code.. is the only way dealer or ebay?
  8. Car Wont Start, Advice Needed!

    Fantastic lol, them buggers under the footwell are a pain in the ^&% to pull out. Cheers for the help! So annoyed at this!
  9. Car Wont Start, Advice Needed!

    The weird part is. You know the wee display that I have pictured. When I open the car, it doesnt show door open, doesnt show key not found. If I press the stalk it beeps, but still shows nothing. What am I looking for on the fuses, is there a sign ones blown?
  10. Car Wont Start, Advice Needed!

    No I dont. But all the lights still work, even the radio so there must be charge? I just disconnected the battery there now in an attempt to reset the electricals, the wee dashboard display went off( had been on all night). So gonna leave it 15minutes then reconnect.
  11. Hi, so just went to start my car and no luck. Weird. It was fine when I left it!! So I push the start button and nothing is happening. Weirdest part is, the little display on the dashboard is not showing anything either except time and milage. Its not displaying that the doors open, that the keys missing. Nothing in the middle bit. Its just showing this (below) and its also not dimming, even when the cars locked the dashboard display still stays light! Its a Ford Focus MK2.5 2011 Zetec S btw!