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  1. Focus Exhausts

    Thanks for the feedback
  2. Focus Exhausts

    Hello all, can anybody help?? Will a rs focus or st225 focus 2009 exhaust fit a zetec s 1.6 2009 focus??? Thanks
  3. Drilled And Grooved Discs

    Will do, seems to only option left or go back to standards, thanks for the info mate!
  4. Drilled And Grooved Discs

    Been to 2 separate garages and called the company who supplied them all have said they are wrong way round . Did you fit them yourself???
  5. Drilled And Grooved Discs

    Hello all, i have recently fitted Some drilled grooved discs and green stuff pads to my focus 1.6 zetec s 2009. I'm having all sorts of issues with noise and braking since the change, after much head scratching someone has to told me might be due to the discs wrong way round???? I'll upload a photo to show how they are on the car currently , any advice would be great, the photo is of the passenger side hub.
  6. Help!!!

    Hi all. I'm in desperate need of a front brake caliper carrier for a ford focus 1.6 2009 zetec s. Passenger side, unaware to me previous owner broke the carrier and bodged it together!! Now needs replacing urgently any info best place to source one from and also are they universal ie they can for either side or do they have to be passenger side and drivers side???ford want £150 + vat Thanks in advance
  7. 2009 Ford Focus Roof Rails

    Has anyone out there have roof rails on there focus with the bike rack?? Have a zetec s far as can tell it's bit of a hassle and expensive measure to have a tow bar fitted due to the bumper having the splitter?? Any info would be great! Thanks in advance
  8. Focus Meet In Birmingham

    Anybody out there on FOC world run a meet in the Birmingham area??? Cheers all
  9. Ford Focus 2009 Zetec S 1.6 115Bhp

    Just purchased EBC red stuff pads £26 now looking at discs, I agree standard pads and discs are ok but due to a lead foot they don't last long nor effective. Looking at other mods too
  10. Ford Focus 2009 Zetec S 1.6 115Bhp

    Cheers!!! Looking at EBC discs & pads.
  11. Ford Focus 2009 Zetec S 1.6 115Bhp

    Hi all, Does anybody out there know the front disc size for the focus zetec s 2009 1.6??? 5 stud wheels, there are 2 options to choose from. I'm guessing there 278mm but would like to know for deff before I buy. Thanks In advance
  12. 2009 Focus Zetec S 1.6

    Hi all, does anyone know the brake disc size (front) for the focus zetec s?? And anyone running upgraded discs & pads?? Cheers in advance :-)
  13. Hi all, just asking weather anyone out there has or know of anybody tuning/modding the ford focus zetec-s 1.6 2009 model and year. And any benefits or issues you have had? Also any brands should go for ie: k&n, piperx, scorpion, mongoose etc Thanks in advance