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  1. Sorry didn’t reply earlier, leak seems to be around rear lights.
  2. Thanks for the information that you posted as my daughters car has the same problem and obviously the included fuse locations in the handbook are wrong. 👍
  3. My daughters 2017 KA2 has a water leak in the spare wheel area. The boot itself appears to be dry so not sure where water is coming in. Thanks in advance for any information.
  4. Seems to be a common problem, mine is suffering the same fault. It’s strange how for many decades opening the bonnet was an easy function but progress has put paid to that. Thanks for the tip reference the emergency procedure for opening the bonnet.
  5. Have a Titanium, Mk4, turned keyless entry off a few weeks ago in the menu.
  6. Just returned from a 12 day holiday and my Mk4 started no problem at all. Missed what came up on the display when I first got into the car but what something like the car was in sleep mode. Even after a 20 minute run the stop start also worked which quite surprised me.
  7. I’ve not had any problems you describe except when I first got my car a couple of months ago and wasn’t sure why it would work sometimes and not others, read handbook, understood how it worked, problem solved. Now works as it should, faultless in most situations. Back to the dealership with yours if the fault persists.
  8. I was surprised when discussing the purchase of my Mk4 focus that the service intervals are now 2 years. The sales guy said although this was the recommended frequency there was talk of an interim Service costing of £99 but this wouldn’t include an oil change but couldn’t say what was going to be done.
  9. It’s very easy paying a deposit for a car after doing your leg work to find what you want and then rocking up to collect it and not getting what was discussed whilst doing the paperwork. My experience was I turned up to collect my used car and decided to have a look around it before making the final payment. The salesperson had agreed to do a full service on the vehicle but it wasn’t done. At the time the car was around 5k but it cost the garage £500 and the agreed service or I would walk away, nice bit of icing on the cake.
  10. Re: ESC Service Required and other faults This happened to my Mk4 a couple of days ago. Was reversing out of a car parking space and the over sensitive protection kicked in as it detected another car approaching which I had seen and my car braked very sharply. All the faults appeared as you describe as I pulled away which was a bit disconcerting. Decided to stop as soon as was possible, switched my car off, left it for a few seconds, restarted the car, all faults disappeared and car has driven normal since.
  11. Just been on the Ford.co.uk website, entered my vin number and it tells me there is a 2.9gb update. Full instructions on how to do it, looks dead easy.
  12. When I recently bought my Mk4 Focus I was told by the sales person that the Forward Collision Warning message was a problem due to the number plate being set too low, raising It solved the problem.
  13. Have had my Mk4 Focus for about 6 weeks now (6 months old when bought) and have had 2 other Ecoboost 125’s over the past years and all the stop/start feature has worked well. My home to work journey was only about 4 miles with a couple of stops but the feature still worked winter and summer. Present car worked from day 1 but is dependant on equipment turned on, heated screens, seats etc. In. My opinion, I wouldn’t take no for an answer.
  14. Had my mk4 about 6 weeks now and the charging pad was the one thing that I thought that I must fit. After googling decided not to spend a 100 odd quid on some poor piece of kit so spent a few quid on a lead and adaptor for the 12v socket, job done.
  15. My wife’s car a 13 plate KA maybe has an airbag problem. The dashboard airbag lights have a very faint flicker which you can hardly notice but once noticed you are always looking for it. Any advice would be appreciated.
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