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  1. My wife’s car a 13 plate KA maybe has an airbag problem. The dashboard airbag lights have a very faint flicker which you can hardly notice but once noticed you are always looking for it. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Start/Stop Problems

    This issue has been raised many times with varying results from many drivers. I have the 1L Ecoboost and it has worked faultless since new. The car is now 3 years old and my weekly mileage is 4 miles each way to and from work with a couple of sets of lights enroute. Even after a couple of minutes driving in the summer the stop/start works ok and winter time it will also work after 5 minutes. Must be a lucky one.
  3. Poor Fuel Economy On A 125 Ecoboost?

    Welcome to the poor m.p.g. Eco boost club Steve. I have posted many times on this forum about my gas guzzling 125ps with forum members saying it will get better as the car runs in. I've had my car now 2 years and it was achieving 31-32 when I first got it. Now with 23k on the clock the mpg is around 37 and on a long journey 41. I don't consider myself naive but was taken in with the "Ecoboost hype" advertising before purchasing my present car. Don't get me wrong the car is a great drive and a lot of the functions that others complain about actually work well on my one. Needless to say I'm on the lookout for another car next year and I am fairly confident it won't be a Ford.
  4. Park Assist

    Hi George, I have a Mk3 Focus with park Assist and must admit was quite sceptical the first time it was used but without a doubt it works very well. On one occasion I switched it on and it parked perfectly in a space which I thought would be challenging manually, give it a try.
  5. Ford Focus Ecoboost 125 Suddenly Going Down In Mpg

    I just wish my 125 ecoboost was anything as good as yours. When I got mine 2 years ago the mpg was in the low 30s, now with 22000 on the clock I'm lucky to get 36. A recent long journey produced approx 42 mpg
  6. Why Is My Focus Beeping At Me?

    It maybe your lights switch, happens on mine, try turning it fully clockwise to see if the beep disappears.
  7. One thing worth considering before you sell your wheel and as you have a child on the way is what would you do in the event of a blow-out. My wife has had 2 and my daughter has had 1 and without a spare would have been up poo Creek without a paddle.
  8. Ford Focus Sync Version & Updates

    When my car was serviced last November I asked the same question. When my car was collected I signed a piece of paper agreeing to the service and checking for a possible SYNC update. The car was returned with with no mention of the sync update and even the service book hadn't been stamped, it was left on the passenger seat. I emailed the service manager with my concerns, his reply was a complete waste of time so I can understand your frustrations with Ford service.
  9. Road Noise

    Apologies for the last illegible post, here's the correct I've got 18" 5 spokes on mine and the only time I notice road noise is when you go from and old to new motorway surfaces the difference is amazing, most of the time I don't even think about.
  10. Road Noise

    I've got 18" 5 spokes on mine and the only time I notice road noise is when you go from and old to new motorway surfaces the new new new especially on motorways the difference is amazing, most of the time I don't even think about.
  11. Thieves Targeting Keyless Cars

    I'm with Mad-mole on this one if what he says is correct. I know a little about the principles of the explanation because it's used in my previous line of business and was impossible to crack
  12. Thieves Targeting Keyless Cars

    This problem was highlighted a few years ago on BBC'S watchdog program where i think BMW cars were being targeted so you would like to think that car manufacturers would have put things in place to prevent the problem.
  13. Focus Ecoboost Mk3

    I'm averaging around 35 m.p.g. at the moment, when I bought my car with around 6k on the clock it was around 31. The most on I've achieved on a long run is low 40, I am certainly not a heavy right foot driver either. Have a look at some of my previous posts about the m.p.g. topic .
  14. Focus Ecoboost Mk3

    You won't be disappointed with the 1l eco boost. I've had mine for a year now , it's quick if you want it to be, comfortable ride and dependant on the model some nice gadgets. The only downside is the poor m.p.g. compared to stated figures.