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  1. Robthespoon

    Focus 2.5 Speakers

    Thanks for that. So presumably if i were to replace the original radio with something like this the sound would be much improved? I guess my problem with the above is that it doesn't really match the car, unlike the standard one which i actually think looks fairly good. So... any other options to make the existing radio sound any better? Thanks again
  2. Robthespoon

    Focus 2.5 Speakers

    Hi, I've got a focus style & was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for some front speakers that don't break the bank - the ones in there don't exactly sound the best... Also interestingly, the sound quality from cd's isn't good but isn't terrible, but from the radio is absolutely dire! Any suggestions for why that might be? Thanks : ) Rob
  3. Hi, I recently bought a 2008 mk2.5 focus, and there is a fair bit of condensation in both of the bottom bulb sections of the wing mirrors. So... I was wondering whether this was something to be worried about and if there was an easy fix to rectify it? Thanks