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  1. Happy Birthday Mork!

  2. Id like to introduce to you myself and my motor!

    Your motor looks really cool in white. Nice. I managed to get into a 5 month old 1.25 Zetec last week and I have fallen in love.... It's Squeeze Green, wasn't sure about the colour but it has grown on me coz of the heads it manages to turn. The boot thing...mmmmm. I was told by 3 different Ford employees the same response, SLAM the boot! That does work but it is not a 10 yr old car! So when everything is ironed out i will take it in to my local Ford garage and hopefully get a 1.6 Zetec S as a curtosy(spelling?) car lol! This really is a lovely looking car and really drives well even for a 1.25. I had a 206 1.4 previous and it cannot compare to this Ford delight. I should never have left the Ford clan. I cannot imagine how the 1.6 feels although from the look on Jezza Clarke's face some months ago when he recommended it, it looks really exciting to say the least. I must say I had a Focus ST170 3 yrs ago and that was the dogs but this cheaper, mini focus is cooler! B)
  3. New fiesta manual

    Thanx ppl for all your help
  4. New fiesta manual

    Anyone know how to voice dial a name from your phonebook?
  5. New fiesta manual

    Hello Keith, The motor was there demo and I have told them about this and I'm expecting one in the post next week. If it doesn't arrive in a couple of days they'll be getting a visit! Thanks for the advice though.
  6. New fiesta manual

    Hi smudge, er firstly how use the voice control with my mobile.Don't know all the commands. Could you post the pages to make it easier? Maybe somewhere on web I could view the manual!?
  7. Hi there ppl! Back in a Ford after 3yrs 206ing!
  8. New fiesta manual

    Is there any kind new owners who could answer a few questions on this new beauty, as I've just got mine but waiting for a manual to be sent to me?