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  1. Wheel Bearing

    Not as yet, doing everything on Wednesday
  2. Wheel Bearing

    Where would I get a torque wrench to cope with that pressure please
  3. Wheel Bearing

    That's what I read just seemed way too much.
  4. Wheel Bearing

    Hi all please help. I need to change the wheel bearing on my 2003 transit minibus. It's the front drivers side that I am changing. I need to find out the torque setting for the middle nut if possible. I know it's a 35 mm but when looking on Google it mentioned 420 nm which I think is a bit excessive to say the least. Please help if possible Matt
  5. Torque settings

    Hi all i have a p reg mondeo 1.8 saloon i need to take of the rear drum to check out the brakes as there is a problem there, but the drum is held on by the bearing nut. Does anyone know what the torque setting should be. Thanks in advance Mat

    hi please make sure you check the kerb weight of the car to the mtplm weight of the caravan. this can be found in the handbook and the weight of the caravan should be displayed on the side of the caravan by the door area on a silver plate. The mtplm must be lower than the kerb weight of the car, otherwise you could be ordered to disconnect the combo if you are ever pulled and taken to a weighing station. The police are getting tough on this now. plus if you passed your driving licence after 97 check to make sure the weight you can legally tow as it all changed Mat