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  1. Hello, apologies for using my first post on here to cover already well trodden ground but...... I bought a C Max Last week, I already knew it had a fault and was in limp mode when I bought it, however I had no idea that replacing the Cat and DPF would cost so much at Fords, been quoted £1500 for the two items. However as I was driving home feeling rather depressed I noticed a garage advertising DPF removal. My first thought was is this legal? And would it ruin my engine eventually? Anyway cut a long story short I had a chat with the garage owner who went through it and I decided to get it done for £350 (it's going in Friday). Having some reservations now tho......has anyone else had this done and would you recommend it? How easy would it be to have a new one refitted at a later date, once the ECU has been remapped does that mean it could no longer be fitted to the car? What happens at MOT time? The mechanic reckons that as it's just a smoke test I should have no problems. Advice greatly appreciated, thanks Stuart