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  1. Happy Birthday david w!

  2. Osram Nightbreaker

    Nobody else using osram cool blues ?
  3. Osram Nightbreaker

    Changed all my fronts to cool blue Osrams and I'm happy, lights no longer have that stained urine look.lol
  4. Indicator & Brake Light Fault.

    Checked bulb, Bulb holder, Fuse, Can't here any clicking from the rays in the engine fuse box compartment, Anyone know which relay operates the indicators?
  5. Indicator & Brake Light Fault.

    Ok is the fuse for my rear right indicator number 125 parking lamps, side lamps, tail lamps (right side) ????? Fuse looked fine, swapped it for number 124 opposite side and still no change. Can see a trip to a garage coming. :-(
  6. I have a focus 2010. The front indicator does not work as well as right side brake light. Haven't checked fuses as I don't know which to check due to misplaced but here somewhere manual. While changing all my front bulbs to Osrams cool blues I changed the indicator bulb but it didn't work. So I swopped the two bulb holders over but no change. Does this mean a bad earth? Fuses? relay? Any idea which relay it would be and would it be in the engine fuse box or dangling somewhere under the steering wheel.? Not changed the bulb in the rear brake light yet as I think it's something to do with the electrics and bulb may be fine anyway. Anyone who could help I'd appreciate it as I'd like to try and avoid the garage.
  7. Plugs for fog lights and wiring

  8. Copied Lenny's second reverse fog light modification. Big thanks Lenny. Will do a propper thread when finished. Well into the project now, all done with the lights, bulbs ordered, looking at the wiring side of things now, missing the plugs that connect the wires to the bulb holder. Does anyone know what they are called? Are there universal plugs or specific for my focus? Is it necessary to have them or can they connect without?
  9. Been looking for the front driver side indicator fuse but can't find it in the handbook, is this what I'm looking for?
  10. Any help would be appreciated. How do I wire it up and any other parts needed?
  11. Focus / Titainium 100 2010

    So I lost my account and previous posts during that data loss thing the site experienced. Putting up these picks for anyone who can tell how bad the damage is and the parts I need. I already have my bumper (primed with brackets for £30) , rear lip ( cheap Chinese import on route ) and TWO reverse fog lights.