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  1. Mk4 Fiesta Engine Suffocating

    cat was new an they nt much think like 50 quid the rest were swaped frm runnin car same year same engine the only thing i havent check is fuel pressure the pumps workin but not sure if it pressure right as these idle i belive at 2.8 bar n jump to 3.2bar at high revs (correct me if im wrong) iv even re done timing to make sure its on point aarrgghhh ..... AN no not removed inlet y??
  2. Mk4 Fiesta Engine Suffocating

    injectors seem clear there no build in or around an fuel filter changed less than 1000 miles checked for visible damage ie crushed or split but all look good a gd friend of mine is a mobile mechanic an iv not known him to get stumped on anything till this motor
  3. Mk4 Fiesta Engine Suffocating

    hi thanks for the response it started after a trip to southend frm mk it seem like the cat had blocked so replaced the cat which had no effect then checked senors and change them just to be sure still the same There appears to be no blockages in breathers, i was then told ecu had gone, changed that, still the same. iv got no codes or management lights, has brill spark an pump seems to be working fine the car now idles sweet for up to 3m then dies on its own start her back up try to accel an instantly dies..... im nw runnin out of ideas of what else to try
  4. Mk4 Fiesta Engine Suffocating

    hi all first post really hope some one can help im having some issues with a 99 1.25 zetec s engine as it is atm it has had a new cat and maf icv tps sensors changed and lambda sensor replaced but will stil not run right. the car starts and idles with air box fully disconnected if u press throttle down very slowly it will pick up okay otherwise it just stalls the engine, with the car idling if i connect the air box back on it dies within seconds and will not start till air box is back off. any help on this would be great as car now been unuseable for nearly a month cheers rob