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  1. Yes mate. Did complete loom swap on it. As 4 ele windows Ele roof Heated front and rear windows Heated mirrors Heated jets And soon a 2.0 silvertop
  2. Ins dont even wanna give me anything cause saying it had diff wheels
  3. Dont even have a million peices.. like 20 lol
  4. Thanks guys. No news really. Somone named joe ? 19.. cars on a 01 plate to bypass the napr camera things. Wankers. Im working on this now
  5. Once i have details ill go see them and hope it dont get out of hand. I think its been destoryed now tbh or scrapped
  6. So ill go smash hes hands with a big hammer if i dont get my car back
  7. Heartbreaking. I have a name and block of flats and awaiting address
  8. Police dont care mate i hope i get it bk
  9. Police have come for first time after i made a complatice and called em a waste of time iv had cctv from 3 days and only just come
  10. Seen stealing from transits. Its now on fake plates 51
  11. Sadly got no regs. There as been a 61plate pulled over and watching my mates zvh silver mk4 and mk2 fiesta
  12. I had just spent my tax rebate on a cat 1 alarm and other parts and it sadly was too late. Im heartbroke. Can anyone share this. And message me here or fb if any parts are going cheap
  13. They droped him off in a renault megane and parked down the road.. Pushed it and towed it away
  14. I have videos of the car being broken into smethwick and birmingham area. My facebook name is Antony Redfern. Picture is of my mk4
  15. They stole it by pushing it as couldnt bypass the pats alarm i used from focus st