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  1. Ideas For Mondeo Door Speakers Please.!

    I was sarcastic because By that point I thought if I hadn't got a reply after 3 weeks or so I wasn't ever gonna get one, tbh I wasnt gonna use this forum ever again after I put that comment and obviously I was aware that being sarcastic wasn't gonna do me any favours but by that point I'd given up anyway! and it was only after the posts today that I gave it another look. In my defence my original post was very sincere and polite. I pasted the same query into a couple of other forums at the same time and got plenty of results. I was surprised more than offended that I hadn't got a reply that is all
  2. Ideas For Mondeo Door Speakers Please.!

    3 days? It's been 25 days actually. Just thought I might get a couple of ideas, I didn't insult anyone in particular unlike you. Chill out a bit, life's to short All the best.
  3. Ideas For Mondeo Door Speakers Please.!

    How do I decide ?? So many ideas forthcoming!! God I'm sarcastic arent I ....
  4. Hello people I want to replace my door speakers in my 2004 mondeo ghia x 2.5 v6. I would prefer x-overs with the built in tweeters (2 ways) like the factory ones but I'm not averse to fitting separate tweeters if needs be (in the front anyway). The factory fitted speakers were pretty good but the tweeters gone in one of the fronts now so I want to upgrade. I'm willing to spend up to 150ish on all 4 speakers if they are a significant improvement on the ones from ford. I'm after clarity and mid end power, vocals etc because I have a big sub to deal with the low end stuff. Any help would be much appreciated thanks. - Andy
  5. What about this one? http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/220971744630?cmd=VIDESC&gxo=true Cheers guys
  6. Hi there thanks for your replies, much appreciated and just to be a bit clearer I don't need a gold plated one but I also don't want a ten pound one off eBay, I want one that can be used for most cars and gives a reading of the exact fault rather than a numerical code that I then have to match to a database in a book or whatever. It's a tool I don't mind spending a bit of money on because it saves a it of time and money in the long run. I just remember last time a mechanic plugged one into my car it had proper menus and a colour screen rather than just a hand held thing that brings numbers up. I've also got a laptop if anyone thinks that may be a better route to go down but I fancied something I can keep in the workshop. I do a lot of servicing on my friends cars and I wanted to invest in a decent bit of kit that will be easy to use etc, cheers people - Andy
  7. Hi there I want to buy a decent fault code reader to use on my 2004 mondeo and any other car with OBD. I want to spend up to 150 pounds, can anyone recommend a good make or mode please, Many thanks - Andy
  8. Newbie Needs Help With Misfiring Mondeo

    So can't say a.s.s or b.i.t.c.h then!!! It's a donkey and a lady dog isn't it?
  9. Newbie Needs Help With Misfiring Mondeo

    Been reading a lot about problems with inlet manifold flaps all over the shop, mine do seem to be rattling alot around 3 and 4 pots, car was misfiring and backfiring like a !Removed! today, kept making al the grannies jump out their skin down the town centre and all the hoodies thought someone was trying to pop a cap in their !Removed!! Engine mngmnt light has come on again today aswell, gonna take IM off on Monday as its quite an easy job and take a look, it's all I can do for now as I'm broke and can't afford to have a data log done yet, unless someone in Essex is feeling charitable and has the right equipment then the disgnostics are gonna have to wait, thanks for your comments so far tho people - Andy
  10. Newbie Needs Help With Misfiring Mondeo

    By a live data log do you mean get the fault codes read ?
  11. Newbie Needs Help With Misfiring Mondeo

    Firstly cheers FOCA for your reply, when you say check the breathers for signs of worn bores what exactly do you mean by that, I assume you mean breather hoses and which ones would I check and what would I be looking for re signs of worn bores, And thanks mick for your reply what is the cheapest way of getting my compression tested? Thanks again, - Andy
  12. Hi newbie here would appreciate some advice please, I have a mondeo 1.8 LX 2006 petrol with (ahem) 269k on the clock, yeah it's high mileage but its been maintained properly all it's short life. The problem I have is when it's cold it runs lovely, sweet as a nut, loads of power no misfires etc but as soon as its warmed up it judders and misfires and occasionally backfires if I try to pul away with the revs fairly low, if I use each gear to the Max it's ok but it's not practical, I have fitted new leads, new plugs, and new coil pack but nothing has really changed, I have taken egr off cleaned it and put it back on but apart from making engine mgmt light go out it hasn't stopped the juddering. Any ideas would be much appreciated thank you, Also was gonna change fuel filter, could it be that, ive changed them on lots of cars and never seems to make any difference..