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  1. I recently seen an episode on wheeler dealers regarding the terraclean system being used on a car to improve car performance mpg etc ,My car its a ford Galaxy 1.8tdci 07 year with 99,000 miles .I have read up about the terraclean system but most of the reveiws were on petrol cars and all were very good saying they found an improvement in performance ,mpg etc so i decided to get it done.My car was driving perfect before and is always serviced when needed so i thought it would make a big difference as it is supposed to give improvements in economy and preventative maintenance as the terraclean service removes carbon from injectors and turbo veins etc.To cut a long story short a week after i got it done the engine started to make a very strange noise so i brought it to the garage who told me that injectors 1,2 and 4 were faulty and they recommended to replace the 3rd !!!!,at a cost for parts alone at €350 each (expensive problem).Im just curious has anybody else had the terraclean service done on their diesel ford car and what results they had .It might just be coincidential that the injectors were on the way out but would be interesting if they had the same problem i have had.