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  1. what is the difference between the blue and the green temperature sensor as i can get a pump for my focus but its got a green temperature sensor thx peter
  2. No Power Source

    ford focus 2002 1.8 deisel no power source to injecters The starter turns over fine, but will not start. i get 2volts on each injector when turning over i get power source from the pump from the relay i done a continuity check from the injector module to injectors all seems fine thanks for your reply
  3. No Power Source

    no power source to injecters ford focus 1.8 deisel
  4. Ford Focus 18

    is that engine harness only or is it dash board harness aswell thx
  5. Ford Focus 18

    P1631 Main relay malfunction i have a ford focus 1.8 02 plate and have this fault where would i find to fix it thanks
  6. Abs

    (thanks for your quick response artscot79) the first garage that came out said it was low pressure but he could not get his code reader to read the codes he just guessed it was low pressure the second garage could not get the reader to read codes either he said it could be a faulty injecer or heat plugs _why cant they get there code reader to read he code car ticks over fine when you drive it conks out thx
  7. Abs

    had a garage out they said low fuel pressure put a new filter on got running same problem keeps cutting out done a code read would not read it sp[ent the last week trying tro fix to no avail got garage out again today to do code read unable to read he said why is the abs light on some idiot done wheel bearing on it and cut the wire that is why i asked the question in the previous post still cant get the codes read for love nor money so got new management box as told by someone else spent all day fitting it and key sensor on steering column and chip in key still the same thanks for your quick response higgsy thx
  8. Abs

    if you cut the abs wire by accident could it affect the running of the car thx
  9. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    I have a OBD11/EOBD CODE READER model vs8 700 it says in manual (the VS8 7000 OBD11/EOBD code reader is specially designed to work with all EOBD complient veichles including those equipped with the next generation protocall controlled area network ( CAN ) thx peter I have just tryed it on my daughters ford fiesta 04 and worked perfectly
  10. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    got car running now put in OBDII / EOBD Code reader it reads the third of the way and says waiting for car to respond ten minuites later it is still in the sAME PLACE put on a renault megane it works fine thanks for your help peter
  11. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    i have a OBD11/EOBD code reader is that ok thx
  12. Focus Dashboard Secret (Trick)

    how can you do this test if the engine is not running