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  1. ha ha I am actually and Eastender living in Essex - Kat Slater eat ya heart out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cheers for the info re the knob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ok could have done a search but im feeling ill at the mo so cannot be arsed!!! idot Max has managed to swtich the radio off of FM to AM - i know its something simple like pressing the arrow but ive tried numerous things and I cant get it back onto FM - HELP ME PLEASE before I hit him ha ha ha ha
  3. I had my service Sunday and was told that there was an outstanding recall on my car - no one had contacted me about it though. Apparently it was something to do with a wire crossing the brake servo, they just had to clip it up out of the way, they said it was nothing "major". Glad its been done though.
  4. Had my car a year today, its gone so quick, I still love her as much today as I did then, ok I had a very rough time between April and Sept with Mountune problems but thankfully thats all behind me now, I still weekly get asked about my car, I still get raced at the traffic lights and I still get followed by the men in cars similar colour to mine waiting for me to do something wrong ha ha ha. Those waiting for your new babies, you wont be dissapointed but sorry to hear you have all missed out on driving one for the last year :P :P :P . I have still to see a car identical to mine on the road - I know Rob has the upgrade but he didnt have the appearance pack. Happy 1st Anniversary to Mo the 140 ZS
  5. Johnny, I didnt book it at Erith, I just used Erith and your price to prove it can be cheaper elsewhere, she then knocked her price down to match. I am booked in at Rayleigh next Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the heads up about the bodywork check, will make sure I get both stamps in the book. Hard to believe ive had my babe a year now - although only really getting to enjoy her fully the last month after the amount of hassle I had with the mountune upgrade.
  6. Well its booked in for a week sunday, I phoned them this morning and said I wasnt happy with £162 and I mentioned my friends Cmax and apparently that was cheaper because its over 3 years and they were doing a special MOT/Service price. I told her that Johnny Mac had paid £125 at Erith (which is within 20 mins from me too) and with that she dropped the price with them to £125 I was amazed she knocked £40 off just like that ha ha.e I wanted to stick with Ford service because of having it on the options plan I wasnt sure werether I had to or not. I dont want to sign up to any plans either, as I aint sure how long we will keep the car - we did plan on keeping her forever and ever after having the mountune upgrade, but I know how bored we get with our cars ha ha. Cheers for you replies x
  7. Mine has been fine and dandy since the recall - thank god!!! although I know Rob is still experiecing the same problems after the recall
  8. Hi everyone, hope your all well and cars are behaving!!! ive been getting phone calls from my dealership for the last month saying I need to book my service, ive left it until now as I got the car a year ago next week and its only done 7k miles, so been holding out as long as possible, anyway ive been quoted £162 for it, which I think is a lot for a first service, speaking to someone at work who used same dealer for the cmax and they only paid £135 for a service MOT and £20 back in sainsburys vouchers. What price have you been quoted (obviously those who have needed to have one already) and also what level of service do I need ie Minor or Major Cheers x
  9. I would like to add before I had the Moutune upgrade I went back to the Fords saleswomen who sold me my car 4 months previous, and asked if it was ok to do this - she said it was 100% fine to go ahead and that it did not affect my finance plan one bit. I dont agree about the car being thrashed so Fords wouldnt want it back, I never thrash my car its my baby :o :o
  10. Hi guys just to let you know my car was put better by Mountune a few weeks back and its 100% fine. Hard to believe its now in proper working order, took 6 months to get there but I can now drive it knowing its not going to lose power at any time. Although Rob did scare me by saying that maybe because the weather is now cooler that has a lot to do with it - grrr im hoping that is not the case lol. Hope your all well Michelle x
  11. When we had the big white stuff back in Feb, my Mo was only 2 months old, far too young to go playing out in it, so I left her snug as a bug in a rug tucked up in the garage, much safer - then I cadged a lift to work off of my sis in her BMW X5.
  12. still working - dare I breathe a sigh of relief yet?
  13. Mine did change, my car is 58reg and the 140 isnt listed for this year its only 140 09 plate onwards, so I had to list the upgrade, remember the 140 will only recognise the engine change and you would still need to let them now any other changes like alloys and appearance changes that would make the car more desirable, I had to list everything seperately. mine went up by about £50 a year I pay £33 a month thats with Max added as a named driver who has had accident and penalty points in the last 3 years grrr.
  14. When you say get one, do you mean everything ie car with the mountune kit? or do you just want the kit? do you already have the zs? go direct to Mountune, speak to Dave, email is david.moore@mountune.com he will look after you and book you in, ive had the latest file put on my car now and touch wood its driving spot on like it should be with no more power loss problems. If you want to order the whole package inc car then you can still speak to dave who will let you know a list of Ford dearlerships in Essex that he supplied the mountune kit too. It will affect you insurance regardless of what anyone says, the kit will cost you £1,299 without fitting thats without any wheels and appearance packs.
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