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  1. Mk2 Focus 2.0Tdci Pcm Problems

    Am "working my way in" to the dealership and, considering I have only just got the car and it has been nothing to do with this dealer thus far, they are being really helpful. Will keep you posted, but if anyone has any suggestions, just shout! Cheers guys
  2. Mk2 Focus 2.0Tdci Pcm Problems

    Misunderstanding. The main dealer have only just got involved at the recalibration stage. Prior to that it was a local garage. There was no faults found on their diagnostic check....I am guessing because the PCM was sulking and not talking to them. It was when the main dealer went to do the upgrade check etc that they found out it was a 1.8 unit. To be fair to the Ford guys, they haven't charged me for the hours they've spent on it.
  3. Mk2 Focus 2.0Tdci Pcm Problems

    Not too sure what they are saying, to be honest!! Just that they can't recalibrate the injectors because the PCM won't pick up the phone!! They advised that the PCM hadn't been tampered with since it was put in as the security bolts were all as they should be and nothing has been disrupted. I find it very difficult to believe too. But it's Ford that have pointed it out.
  4. Hi all, new to the forum and already on the scrounge for help and advice!! Recently bought a 2005 Mk2 Focus 2.0tdci with the Peugeot 2ltr HDi engine fitted (at time of manufacture, not retro fit). It has 109 thousand on the clock and has a full main dealer history. It had an existing issue where it would smoke for initial couple of minutes and have a very mild misfire. So I popped it to my local garage who said that it would possibly be glow plugs....new set fitted. No change, so they then did a leak off test to ensure that all injectors were working as expected. This showed no problem either, so I spoke to the main dealer in the area who said that it was quite possible that the injectors needed recalibration, a simple but common issue. So today, it was taken in for the necessary. However, they have advised that the PCM fitted to the vehicle (apparently from new as there is no sign of any previous interference) is for a 1.8tdci engine and they, therefore, cannot communicate with the vehicle. It has totally baffled both the garage and the owner (me!) So, after all that, the question is...has anyone heard of this issue before? Is it a Ford boo boo?! And does anyone have any idea whetherI we re-code this PCM OR get another and the processes involved. All this just to get the car to talk to us and tell us what is actually wrong!! ARGGGHH Cheers