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  1. Mk1 Soft Brakes

    Still no joy. Checked the wheel cylinders, all looked fine, adjusters also. Went round and bled the system again and yet more air came out of each wheel. Took it for a test drive and it's still pretty much the same, I think I'll take it to a garage to let them have a go at bleeding the system with their pressurised tools. If that doesn't work hopefully they will e able to point me in the direction of the problem. Thanks for all the advice, if there's anything you can think of, I'm all ears.
  2. Mk1 Soft Brakes

    I can't get the cap off! Like I said, quickly turning into 'one of those jobs'!
  3. Mk1 Soft Brakes

    I think this is going to turn into one of those jobs you just wish you never started :(. Trying to get a drum off, 3 of the 4 bolt come out after much huffing and puffing, the last is well and truly stuck! I've dowsed it with penetrating fluid and will see how it fares later. Is there a way I can test the master cylinder whilst it's in place?
  4. Mk1 Soft Brakes

    I Haven't removed the drums to be honest?
  5. Mk1 Soft Brakes

    Hi All, I recently bought a 2000 1.8 zetec focus with some soft brakes. It was driveable but the brakes were not too sharp, on it's last MOT it had that the front pads were getting low and I could also see the disks were lipped. With that in mind I bought new pads and disks and fitted them just how I had on other cars. However, for some reason I cannot seem to get any real pressure? I made sure that I took the cap off the reservoir when pushing the pistons back. With the engine off they feel hard with little travel but as soon as I turn the engine on I have to pump them to get any pressure which is then lost when the pedal is completely released? I took it for a spin at slow speeds and they are definitely worse than before? I have changed the fluid and bled the system using one of them one man kits, to be honest, a notable amount of air seemed to come out of each wheel (which I did in order starting furthest from the MC). I starting to fear its a Master Cylinder issue or perhaps the servo? Any help would be much appreciated.