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  1. Happy Birthday colmarv!

  2. Mondeo 2.0 litre misfire

    yeah sponuds like leads if you say you have replaced the plug just check plugs are in proply and tight enough
  3. Polished Rocker cover

    hi mate can you do the inlet plenniums on the 2.5 v6 mondeo
  4. Ford Mondeo Front Grill..

    i have had a look round and cannot seem to find any parts for that shape only thing i can sugest is ebay there may be some breaking on there or pay threw the nose and go to fords
  5. hi all i have a 1995 mondeo v6 rs kitted,yesterday the altinator belt snapped due to 1 of the pullys ceasing ,the tensioner is also noisy,i am finding it hard to track these parts down tho does anyone no were i can get a tensioner a belt and 1 pully which is located at the back top of the 2.5 v6 engine