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  1. Auto-Opening Boot?

    Well it's a nice little feature that can easily be 'disabled' so to speak, however it's one of them things where someone has to spend a lot of time and effort researching and practicing before anyone else does it
  2. Auto-Opening Boot?

    The springs on the Fiesta start pop up themselves when the boot is quarterly open. I don't think it'll be easy because like you said, it needs to be strong enough to push it to the correct strength for its self, but not too strong that it'll be hard to close again. A lot of hassle indeed
  3. Auto-Opening Boot?

    The website is in dutch. I can't seem to work out the price. How much did it cost you? I'm gonna try look into this and perform it myself, thank you
  4. Insurance & Remapping

    This man may speak truth
  5. Insurance & Remapping

    This is true. Insurers mainly want to know so they can cover the cost of the modification, as usually the price/attractiveness of your car is higher, so if your car was damaged, or stolen you'll be covered.
  6. Insurance & Remapping

    Anyone with an exhaust muff and Nike trainers of course ;) haha
  7. Insurance & Remapping

    There's a lot of ways that we find out if the vehicle has been modified.I am not allowed to say how, but it goes beyond the actual inspection of your car if you were to make a claim. You'd actually be amazed at the techniques used!
  8. Insurance & Remapping

    No problem, I'll check for you. I'll PM you in regards to who I work for
  9. Auto-Opening Boot?

    Yeah, I've already read around seen these factors. Good thing about the key is that you have to press the button twice to be able to release it, however I've already taken this into consideration. It's still quite cool I think
  10. Auto-Opening Boot?

    Hi. On my keyfob, if I press the boot button twice, it opens the back slightly. I was wondering if you were to replace the shocks with something more powerful to push it up, it'd open itself. It's just a real cool feature, which most Mercedes and Volvo cars have, and I thought it'd be cool if it was to be done on a Fiesta. I wouldn't know where to start on what type of shocks to get, or if there was another way of doing it, e.g. springs? A lot of people do this on other cars, I was wondering if anyone has done it on a Fiesta.
  11. Insurance & Remapping

    Wow rewritten this like 3 times now. Keep pressing the backspace button by accident!! I work in insurance, Basically in case you didn't know, insurance prices are based from a guided price (base premium), and then based on the risk you have given us, a percentage is either loaded or discounted depending on the situation. (For example, we take %70 off if you have 9 NCD which was earnt on a UK policy) For remapping, I'm not quite sure what the percentage is, however we usually go by your previous quoted price. Say for example you got a quote of £1000 from Admiral, we SOMETIMES get a supervisor to try beat the price based on your risk (sometimes based off personalities, not statistics. For example, if you lived in a 'no risk' zone like Scotland, and you had a neutral occupation like an office job, we would set our own price which wasn't quoted up on our screen. It's called the pound scheme, we'd beat your previous quote), we'd do it for like £750. ^That was an example, however if you want me to, on Monday I'll check out the loading percentage for an engine remap?
  12. My Ford Fiesta Mk 7.5

    Haha my car before this was a KA. What do you think of these? http://www.wheelbasealloys.com/alloy-wheels/calibre/askari/black-polished/17-inch
  13. My Ford Fiesta Mk 7.5

    I heard if you have 17 inch wheels, the ride isn't as good? I wasn't sure whether to get 16's or 17's
  14. I've got the Zetec, and I don't really like the alloys on them
  15. I've got a 3 door. I take presume its just for 5-doors then? That's unfair for us 3'doors :o