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  1. Smax 2009 Ignition only fuse for Dashcam?

    Does fuse 4 work then anybody? If not which one? Dont mind if it delays for 20 mins or whatever as long as it powers down eventually. As per adamzap I'm struggling to find one that is not permanent on my 2012 s-max. Managed to do my Focus 2012 no bother. Thanks in advance.
  2. Software Updates

    sd2-FORD-MFD_C_WesternEuropev3 Nav N2189VM__9.3C3P22 SW 2124_120203 Interestingly the packet the card was on says Western Europe V2. Whilst we are talking sat nav, (its the Sony one) I've been trying to get it to alert to hazard locations i.e. cameras. Apparantly it has to be in sat nav mode, but not necesserily route guideance. Can you display the map without actualy plotting a route? I've not been able to work that out so far? Thanks
  3. Software Updates

    Thanks guys. Its just had the 3 year service, although a little early at a bit over 2.5 years. The ford dealer I bought it off did that. I can see on etis they checked, but didn't update anything. I'll see if I can get them to do a complete update before it hits 3 years, although as Ian says I think it may have to be because of specific issues. It has a lot of kit on it such as the park assist, so I'd assume improvements must have been made to the software for stuff like that. I think I've also read about stuff link enhanced screens on the instrument cluster. I also cant help but wonder whether the initial software is programmed to keep emmisions low when all the testing is done, and subsequent maps concentrate on power/mpg/drivebilty at the expense of emmisions. Just curious if anyone has had updates and noticed any improvements, although I'm pretty happy with the car so far.
  4. Software Updates

    Just picked up a 2012 focus tit X. Very happy with it so far. However, noticed that my postcode isn't in the software maps on the built in satnav. House is 50 years old and is present in other sat nav systems. Do Ford provide updated maps free of charge for issues like this? Also, it appears to be telling me there are roadworks in places where there aren't, presumably as there were when the maps were produced? Or can the built in sat nav recieve upto date info on traffic and roadworks? I also note that it should be possible to download and install updates to the Sync system, but all the links seem to take me through to the US where my VIN isn't applicable? Can this be updated in the UK? And is Sync 3 ever likely to come to my car (its non-touchscreen unfortunately) - again most info I've found on this seems to be from the US. Finally, checked ETIS and my car hasn't had any ECU module updates since it came into this world in 2012. Presumably a dealer would need to do them, and most likely charge. Is there any benefit in getting these done? I work in IT and firmware is normally being refined on an ongoing basis, so surely the later software is better? Has anyone installed the latest udates and noticed any new features and/or improvements to MPG or performance? Thanks
  5. Radio Aerial Help

    Its a doddle once you work out how the light fitting comes out. Made no difference to me though, but I hsd no sign of corrosion. Please update how you get on, I haven't worked out my nect move yet.
  6. Radio Aerial Help

    I tried crimping a wire to the other wire nearby and it made no difference at all to mine. Neither did trying to scrape the paint off. I also pulled the small prongs on the back of the aerial nut out as well when it was fastened up and its still the same. So not sure if I have the same issue or not. If anyone does do this and get it working, could you please post some pics and a guide please. As someone said earier, it is really annoying. As an aside, I bought some cheap stereo removal tools off ebay and they jammed in. I ended up having to force them out, so believe I have probbaly now bent the pins. Is there a way of getting this out now, or have I really messed up? I'd like to check the aerial is firmly connected in the back of it.
  7. Radio Aerial Help

    I have this issue now. Previously reception was fine. I've taken the light apart and have removed the aerial. Couldn't see anything loose or amiss. Tightened it back up and it does seem a little better, but isn't perfect. Couldn't see a washer similar to what you were referring to? ANyway, the fix you used - so I just need to get a crimp onto the screw and then wire across to another crimp connecting to the other crimp? And can everything be earthed or is some of the aerial supposed to be insulated from the car body? Thanks