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  1. BLACKHAWK145412

    Escort Eclipse

    Some photos of my first (and current) car, a 1990 Escort Eclipse in 'Bahama Blue'. I believe the wheels are from an Orion, and beside those and the spotlights it is completely original.
  2. Hi all Been having a problem with my Escort where it suddenly refuses to idle smoothly. Revs drop down to a few hundred and keep fluctuating slightly rather than being stable. Pulling the choke out a little bit raises the RPM enough to prevent the engine from stalling, but doesn't stop the fluctuations. Before, this problem could be solved by revving the car quite a lot until it clears up. This doesn't seem to work anymore and the problem stays for longer, sometimes going away after a while on its own. There don't seem to be any common conditions where this occurs, does anyone know what could be causing it? Carburettor related? Ignition? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thanks, it's always a constant battle with rust at this age. :)
  4. Yeah it's standard except from the wheels which are from an Orion Ghia I believe, I added the spotlights since I got it too. :)
  5. Haha yeah ;) He did, however, replace it with an older 306 which is in much better shape. :)
  6. Thanks guys! :D And unfortunately Chris that 306 (my brother's) is gone now due to a slight case of quite dangerous structural rust which resulted in the rear seat belt mount breaking off while driving.
  7. Hi All Just wanted to share that my Escort is 25 years old today B)
  8. Made in GIMP because I'm too cheap for Photoshop :D
  9. Hi all, Started to notice that the exhaust fumes of my car smell strongly of unburnt petrol. This still occurs when the engine is up to running temp and the choke is not being used. Is this simply because the car does not have a catalytic converter? Are there any other symptoms of a rich mixture? Also, regarding mixture adjustment, the Haynes manual mentions some kind of tamper-proof seal on the carburettor; does anyone have any info on how to deal with that? I believe it is a Weber 2V TLDM carburettor. Much appreciated
  10. That is pretty good, looks better than mine :)
  11. Ah that's unlucky Laurie and Alex, it was pretty clear here for a while but the clouds came as soon as it started to go darker.
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