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  1. Air Blowing / Whistling Noise

    Hi Guys Thanks for your responses. I managed to take it to a garage and get this all repaired. Like others i thought the worst and when I got told it was part of the turbo i thought it was time for a loan!! Luckily the whistling was caused by a 3 inch split running along the turbo inlet pipe (the thick black right angle pipe on the left of the turbo) which cost £60 from Ford and £20 to fit. Now the car works like a dream. I just thought id let you all know. Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Hi guys, I am getting a whistling noise from the top of the engine during acceleration between 2,500 and 4,000rpm. I think this is effecting the power of the car but I am not quite sure as if I accelerate too much the engine malfunction light comes on until I turn the car off and on again. I have check the air pipes to and from the Turbo and these are secure but I cannot get underneath to see if there are any cut or slits running through the pipes.
  3. Hi Guys! I need help! I am looking for a USB interface adaptor that will plug into the rear of my Sony DAB CD player. I haven't got a CD changer and there is no socket at the rear (that I know of). What do you guys have for me??
  4. 1.8Tdci Knocking Under Load

    Hi mate, i have the same issue with my TDCi Titanium and still have not got this sorted. Check out my thread for advice... http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?/topic/61632-Diesel-Engine-Judder%21-%28Turbo%2C-Injectors-Etc%2E%29 Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  5. Hi guys i have placed the cleaner (Millers) and still have the judder around that rev range. I have filled the tank twice over the weekend as I have done alot of driving and used the recommended dose of cleaner both times. Still getting judder. Could it be a turbo problem or loose injectors etc? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Hi Chris, thanks for the response. Yes it is a 1.8 TDCi Titanium. Is this normal? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Hi Guys!! For the last 6 months I have been having a slight 'judder' in my engine. This happens between 1,500 rpm and 2,000 rpm and only once the car has warmed up to its optimum 90degree temperature. the feel and the sound is like before you are about to stall or haven't given enough power when pulling away. I can accelerate out of 2000rpm and its fine, its just between these amounts when it occurs (1500 and 2000 rpm) If I am cursing in any gear between these 2 amounts its a constant judder coming from the engine, the revs are also staying the same (no wobble in the needle). I have been told it may be the injectors blocked but the readings came back equal on on all 4. I have also been told it may be the TURBO clogged or broken that could be causing this!! IF ANYONE ELSE IS EXPERIENCING THIS OR IF YOU CAN HELP PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS THIS IS A HUGE ANNOYANCE!!!! Thank you!!!
  8. Sony Dab Radio Info And Upgrade!

    Brilliant. Is this compatible with my CD player unit? I have the DAB Sony unit. No bluetooth or cd changer. I havent looked that the back of the unit yet to see if there is a port for the changer and other devices.
  9. Sony Dab Radio Info And Upgrade!

    Great thank you. USB is all i need really. Shame about the tracks not listing on the unit though. Where can i get one of these units? Is this with the Bluetooth module too or is that a separate unit also?
  10. Sony Dab Radio Info And Upgrade!

    Is there any way of using the lead that comes from the rear of the unit to the glove box as a jack plug, and changing it to a usb socket instead? At the moment i have an empty socket behind the glovebox where the previous owner has taken out the jack socket!
  11. Sony Dab Radio Info And Upgrade!

    Thanks. Ill have a look. If there are anymore helpers available please keep the advice coming. Thank you 2009 Focus Titanium Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app
  12. Hi guys, Im in need of assistance. I am a DJ and music producer and always need access to a system with USB or ipod/iphone connection. The car i have just purchased is a 2009 Focus Titanium. Great sound system from Sony. DAB is ok but not an issue at the mo. I have NO Aux input socket but do have an option on the head unit and a square socket hanging out of the glovebox. NO bluetooth but do have the green and red phone buttons which displays 'Audio Muted' when pressed. Is there ANY option to get a USB or any audio input to the head unit? Thanks in advance to you all for your help. 2009 Focus Titanium Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC mobile app