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  1. TonyCommando

    Lack Of Power Sportka

    Thanks for your help - I have also noticed that the fault isn't just at top end - it's in any gear and speed and is only there at 4000rpm ( which it won't go above). The engine light then flashes if its pushed a bit more, it's a though there is no more power allowed after 4000revs - Any ideas please
  2. TonyCommando

    Lack Of Power Sportka

    Thanks all I have only recently bought it so am unsure about plugs and leads . There is a definite almost bearing sort of sound when the bonnet is open at start up - disappears after a bit. Would the fuel filters effect all the performance or just the stuttering at top end
  3. TonyCommando

    Lack Of Power Sportka

    Help! I have a 1.6 KA it idles great and seems to run ok - although a little slow, but top end it won't go above 75 it becomes jerky as though it on its limits even though its barely on 4000 rpm any ideas please