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  1. Mk3 2007 Mondeo What To Look Out For?

    I just read a post on this forum about the Mk3 being a practical joke?!!?! bit concerning! How can I tell if the one I'm looking at is a Mk3 or Mk4?? Many thanks
  2. Hi all I've had a read around on the forum as I'm thinking about buying a 2007 2.0 Tdci 130 Mondeo estate. Work are getting rid. Its done 170,000 but I'm sure I'll be able to get it for a good price and it has been very well serviced. If I can get a years motoring out of it I'd be happy. Any more than that is a bonus. I'm getting rid of my 2007 1.6 Tdci cmax. Got to a point where I need to get rid. Generally been good but started to fail now - turbo, leaking fumes into cabin. I had a 2005 mondeo before (not estate) and that was an actual lemon so I have been burnt before! Copied from RojaRiggs (hope you dont mind!) Typical Mondeo Mk 3 problems to look out for are: Wind noise from front and rear door seals and water leaks through lower front door sealsTDCI 130bhp engine may suffer from starting problems and uneven idling or may misfire. Also reports of the smoking and of high oil consumption, which may be turbo oil sealsSpate of clutch and dual-mass flywheel failures on 2003 built 2004 model year TDCIs. Starting problems with diesel may be due to impending clutch failure.TDCI injectors seem to be very fuel sensitive. Many have needed to be cleaned or replaced after 3-4 years and circa 60,000 miles.Check inside edges of the bottoms of all doors of 2000 - 2003 cars for paint lifting and corrosion because the wax sealing between the door frame and skin can fail.Check for corroded rear brake pipes where they pass over the fuel tank (an MOT failure point).Check rear suspension bushes which can become loose in the attachment points (an MOT failure point) and used to require a new subframe costing £300 - £500 to replace.Anything else I should be looking closely at? Specifically on the 2007 model? I'm presuming it is a Mk3. This was the changeover year to Mk4 wasnt it? Any pointers you could give would be grately appreciated.
  3. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Appreciate all your help chaps. Maybe this thread will help someone else out in the future.
  4. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Well £500 lighter I shall be picking the car up from Ford on my way home. New GEM. I had been expecting a lot more to be honest but at Christmas time it is the last thing I need. All for a small component on a circuit board :( Boo you Ford.
  5. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    I have spoken with an automotive electrician and have arranged for the car to go into my local ford main dealership for hook up to their IDS. HOPEFULLY they will be able to point to the right issue. Prices for a new BCM are looking expensive. I did find out that the reason my passenger doors don't unlock first time with the key fob is down to pressing the wrong combination of buttons. Looks like that one can be easily fixed!! I'll let you know the outcome.
  6. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Right, I got my dad over and we checked both wiper motors for continuity and they are both the same. Dad reckons they are fine. We tested the connector that plugs into the motor. Theres 12v coming in on pin three but when the ignition / engine is on there is no change on any other pin so it would appear there is not a circuit there. Testing across both pins in the GEM there is no current at all. The fuse is fine. So it would appear to be the GEM. I took it out (amazingly easy) and popped it open but you can only access the back of the circuit board. It would appear ford don't want you changing anything there!! I didn't have the time to take the whole thing apart as I would have had to note all the fuses first. Anyone replaced relays in there before? Is it possible? Othewise its a new GEM. Off to find a price....
  7. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Cheers Mick. My dad used to be an electrician and has one of those. He is coming over this weekend to see if we can get to the bottom of it. He might know, but is there a way to test if the wiper motor is fine with a multimeter? It has four prongs.
  8. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Cheers guys, really helpful having your input. I'll try to ping the back off the GEM this weekend. It seemed like a sealed unit so I didn't look much further. It certainly sounds like the relay is in the footwell when I press the stick. I had presumed that if the relay is clicking then it must be ok, but I'm up for trying anything!!
  9. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    I cant actually see the relays in the fuseboard in the footwell. Are they held inside the board? The rear wiper relay makes exactly the same sound as the front one, but the front one still refuses to budge. I guess the next step would be to test the wires but I dont have a clue which ones run the lighting. Would a haynes manual tell me this? Alternatively a specialist electircal mechanic might be in order!
  10. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Hi there I got some time today to look at this. I disconnected the battery and went through all of the connections in the fuse box in the passenger footwell hoping to find a loose connection, but nothing. Everything seems solid. There is a small set of wires that run through the bracket that holds the fuseboard. Looks like these have been rubbing against the fuseboard as the covering insulating tape has worn through, but the wires beneath seem intact.
  11. Front Wipers Stopped Working On 2007 C-Max

    Thanks so much for the answer Jeebo Now you mention it I did have to replace another fuse a month or so ago and maybe I could have knocked something. I hadn't even considered that. I'll have a look through everything over the next couple of days. Its such an awkward space to get into down there. I had myself upside down with my legs in the air last time!!! I'll come back and let you know. Thanks
  12. Hi all Happened across the forum whilst searching for a resolution to my issue. I have a 2007 1.6 TDCI c-max The wipers just stopped working recently. They were fine when I parked the car up, went to drive the next day and they were not working. I have changed the fuse and even bought a secondhand motor and linkage off ebay (guy said it definitely works). Fitted that and still nothing. When I press the wiper stalk on the steering column I can hear the relay working, but my knowledge if relays is poor. Anyone got any more suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can give.
  13. Hi all Great looking forum. found some very useful topics. C-max 2007 1.6 TDCI owner. See you around