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  1. zetec1.8

    electric window

    hi all, earlier tonight i was out in my car when i went to put the window on the drivers side down but nothing happened all i got was a clicking noise, but the passenger side works fine, anyone any ideas what this could be?
  2. zetec1.8

    strange noise when steering

    took mine into a garage today and they said its the power steering pump thats nackered on mine, still need to top it up in the meantime
  3. zetec1.8

    lowering suspension

    hi, i got a focus 1.8 zetec 2000 w reg and haveput some 16" alloys on wth 205/50/16 tyes on and i am now lookin to lower the suspension, anyonegot anyidea as to how much would be ideal, i mean lik is there a minimum aount you can lower your car?????
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    new alloys 3.JPG

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    new picz 145.JPG

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