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  1. Nokian Weatherproof

    Very interesting thread. I'm keeping tabs on this one, we get some grim winters here in the North West.
  2. Is Your Old Car Still Alive? Find Out Here

    I just need a website to remind me of the cars i've owned! :D
  3. Quick Question On Fitting Mud Flaps To A Focus

    With my clumsy fingers and dodgy eyesight this is going to be a monumental feat of engineering! :D
  4. Quick Question On Fitting Mud Flaps To A Focus

    Thanks for the replies chaps, much appreciated. If i do take the plunge i'll take the arch liners off and waxoyl the arches.
  5. Winter/all Season Tyres

    Has anyone tried Michelin CrossClimate tyres? How highly do you rate them?
  6. I'm pondering the purchase of a set of genuine Ford mudflaps off ebay, would i be correct in thinking that the existing screw points that hold the wheel arch liners will accommodate the mudflaps? or do new holes need tapping to fit them? Thanks in advance.
  7. Usb Stick Cheapo

    Hi, the sticks referred to in the article are not faulty, they have been specifically designed to cause damage. It's claimed these sticks are not commercially available (yet). Cheap USB sticks are generally very slow at reading and copying data, but for music playback this should not be an issue. Brand make USB sticks are generally best, and these days fairly cheap to buy.
  8. Trust Ford.......or Not?

    Thanks for your comments guys. :)
  9. Trust Ford.......or Not?

    I guess it comes down to the local branch, if they have a team of clued up conscientious mechanics then your on to a winner. I'd like to know more about the Stockport branch, but i don't know anyone who has a service plan with them. I like the idea of paying on a monthly basis to spread the cost. But by the same token, my bank balance creeps up slowly each month to offset a single bill. Going back to 1997, i purchased a 1.3 Escort from the Ashton-Under-Lyne branch of Quicks for Ford (now Evans Halshaw) and i had two services done by them, NEVER again. On both services the spark plugs were cleaned and re-gapped, the independents always changed my plugs. On collecting the car after the second service i was told the air filter needed replacing, i argued that THEY should have replaced it on the service only to be informed it would set me back another £12 for them to do it. I replaced it for the cost of £2 and a couple of minutes work.
  10. Trust Ford.......or Not?

    Really? I've not heard any negative comments so far, unlike Evans Halshaw who i bought my old Titanium from. So probably better to stick to a good independent garage?
  11. Hi Ladies and Gents,.........(am i making you sound like toilets?) Purchased a late 2010 '60 plate' 1.6 Focus Zetec to replace my ageing 56 plate1.6 Titanium last week from the Stockport Trust Ford branch. Salesman offered me membership of the 'Trust Ford service club' four services and MOT's up to 2019 for around £727. I was promised 10% discount on any (overpriced) replacement parts that might be needed, why? Nothing ever goes wrong on a Ford.....Right? Also on the menu is a valet when the car has been serviced, and no doubt a multitude of other deal breaking extra's that in my excitement i've forgot about. Now the question is, do i stick with my trustworthy independent garage that i've used for a few years (and save a good chunk of that 700+ quid) or should i not look a gift horse in the mouth and sign up to the Ford offer pronto? Your views and experiences with the Trust Ford service club please folks. Any of you had any dealings with the Stockport branch, and were they positive or negative experiences? Thanks in advance.
  12. 2010 1.6 Focus Zetec Questions

    Had the Focus checked today and it was the ABS system self test, so thankfully no problems with it. Thanks for your replies Guys. :)
  13. 2010 1.6 Focus Zetec Questions

    So it appears to be normal? Thanks guys, just odd that the MK1 and the MK2 Titanium didn't exhibit this behaviour, so i assume the my MK2.5 has a totally new steering/ABS system compared to earlier models? Trust Ford have arranged a courtesy car for Tuesday so i suppose i might as well take mine to be checked just for peace of mind.
  14. 2010 1.6 Focus Zetec Questions

    Thanks guys, i didn't think it was a major problem, but i didn't have it on my old 90,000 mile 56 plate Titanium. Should i still have it checked to be sure it is fine? And is this 'thud' normal on the later models when it didn't occur on the earlier models?