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  1. Intoducing Mountune Mo (formerly zetec S Maureen)

    Got it! - Fantastic :D
  2. That´s correct, and the Zetec S it´s actually sold at a very good price compared to it´s rivals... and if we only look at the Fiesta range, I will say that (at least here in Denmark) it has the best price compared to what you get. :)
  3. If this was ment for me! - Nope, it´s bought in Denmark where I live, so I´m aware that it will not count as a car in your "area"... but hope it´s okay I posted in this thread? - I am, after all, a user of this forum even though I´m a Dane ;) :)
  4. Order Date: 27th February Build Date: N/A Delivery Date: 6th March Location: Copenhagen, Denmark ;) Model: Zetec S Engine Size: 1,6 Color: Panther Black Options: 17" Wheels Total Cost: Approximately 25.000£ (No joke!)
  5. Montune upgrade

    No, but maybe I will! - However, after a quick web-search, I haven´t found anything that indicates that Mountune is available in Denmark! Another problem is the warranty... because even though the engine upgrade is under warranty in UK, I´m pretty certain it´s another matter in Denmark! Look forward to your "review" of the upgrade... :) :)
  6. Montune upgrade

    Generally yes! - We have the oldest fleet of cars in Western Europe. In my case I held on to my first car (Citroën C2 1,6 VTR) for 2 years: Paid from new 23.000£ and got 14.400£ at a dealer when I sold it. I had my Seat Leon TFSI Sport-Up for 2½ years: Paid from new 46.900£ including wintertyres and got 25.000£ at a dealer when I sold it! Outch... but was forced to sell it due to a divorce! So paying 1.299, 1.399 or 1.799£ (whatever) for a legal engine-upgrade, is something I almost consider as peanuts if I can get 20 extra HP, the sweet exhaust-note and a car 2 seconds faster to 100km/h... AND keep my warranty! I´m really interested in that engine upgrade... cause even though the Zetec S is moving along at a decent speed and I´m very satisfied with it, I could use a little extra power! It would be nice from standstills to be able to get away a little bit quicker... and at the freeway I also wish to have a little more power. I think it´s because I was used to the Seat Leon and its almost 200HP and 270nm at 1.800rpm I think that way! - I sold it more than a half year ago and have had no car until now... but boy, that was a really fast car compared to the Zetec S... and especially in the midrange acceleration it was a hell of a lot quicker, not to mention from 0 - 100km/h. :)
  7. Reasons to order!

    Ha ha… give him a break, he’s just excited and I think it´s hard to blame him! :D :)
  8. Montune upgrade

    Can’t be done… or rather, I can import the car, but I still have to pay our special tax, so all in all it will end up costing the same as if I bought it in Denmark. – Actually, it would most likely cost even more if I did it that way. The reason for that is as follows; If you’re removing our special tax on cars, Denmark is one of the cheapest countries to bye a car in… because the factories are aware of our special tax and sell their cars to the importers a very low price, so it’s possible for the importers and dealers to sell the cars with the 180% tax without ripping the costumers completely! So if I bought a brand new car in the UK and imported it to Denmark… I could easily end up paying more for the car, cause your cars – without the tax – are a little more expensive than in Denmark! – On the other way around, it could maybe give you people in the UK a little discount if you imported a car from Denmark and paid the UK tax on it! ;) But… if you as a Dane import a used car to Denmark it can give you an advantage, cause then you can buy a car an only pay the special tax on the actual car, and not of all the extras! A lot of especially old BMW´s, AUDI´s and MB´s are finding their way to Denmark because of that… cause you can pay almost the same amount of money for a 2001 AUDI A6 with little extras bought in Denmark, as you´re paying for the same car if you import it from Germany with a lot of extras. – All in all you will get the extras almost “free”! An example: A couple of years ago, a friend of mine bought a used Golf V V6 Syncro with everything in extras for about 11.250£ in Germany! – When he wanted to put on Danish number plates to make it legal to drive the car in Denmark, he had to pay an extra 18.750£ in tax! All in all, the price of the car ended up in about 30.000£. It was still a very good price, since the same car in Denmark would cost around 7.500£ more. :)
  9. Montune upgrade

    Due to the economical climate at the moment, dealers are pretty desperate - at least here in Denmark - to sell cars... and therefor I managed to get a pretty good discount on my car! All in all (but without the new alloys) I paid just below 24.000£... and that´s a very good price for such a car! ;) I think the reason why Jeremy Clarkson in a episode of Top Gear said "Danish number plates are cool", is because we pay so much more for our cars than almost anywhere else on the planet! ;) :)
  10. Montune upgrade

    I´m only interested in the engine upgrade and the exhaust (guess it´s the same package), so for the appearance pack I guess your right! – It should be possible to persuade Mountune to send a little package to Denmark if that was the case! Another thing is the engine upgrade! I live – as you have already noticed – in Denmark, and this little country is a fantastic place to live, no doubt about that. However, every thing about cars is a bit tricky here. In the first place cars are pretty expensive here, since we got a special tax of 180% on cars! – For instance the Zetec S with paint, delivery and so on cost about 26.000£… and that is with the standard radio without the “big” screen! – Actually, it´s kind of cheap here… so the Zetec S is a good offer compared to similar cars! Since it´s roughly 180% tax of the car from the factory, the car will cost accordingly to that. As an example, my old car the Seat Leon TFSI Sport-Up with Bluetooth, Automatic Climate control and 18” alloys set me back with almost 46.000£… and that was a special introduction price. If I wanted the navigation in colour, the price was 6.400£… and no, I´m not joking! Extra equipment is also something that you have to pay 180% tax on. If you want the new Focus RS it is considered very cheap for it´s class… since it “only” costs around 75.000£ Other examples: Toyota Aygo with A/C: 16.000£ Mercedes Benz 500SL with the equipment you expect for such a car: 330.000£ Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren (Yep… we got 1 (one) with Danish number plates): 1.250.000£ Bugatti Veyron: Around 3.500.000£… and no, we don’t have any of those ;) And no… I do NOT miscalculate the difference between Danish and British currency. BTW: Running costs (insurance, service, petrol etc.) are just as expensive – if not more – as in the UK, and our wage is generally not higher than at your place. SO… if I went to Essex and tuned my car, there are different rules I´ve to follow when I return home! It´s very complicated to explain due to our tax system… but all in all it will most properly cost me a fortune to get it legal (And I really want the car to be legal). On the other hand… we do have a rule that says, that if you don´t tweak your engine to produce more than 20% extra it´s all good to go… and this engine upgrade is only a 17% tweak. Then we got all the things about warranty… and I will most certainly think, that even though Ford in the UK have approved the tuning, it´s another matter in Denmark. The only tuning yet to be approved by any importer in Denmark is the Hirsh-tuning for SAAB… so guess they will only laugh at me if I shoved up at my local Ford-dealer with an “Exotic tuning” as Mountune! ;) All in all… I haven’t completely forgot about that tuning, and hope that there will be more info about it for people outside UK during the next couple of months. It would be very nice if Mountune would try to push their way into the rest of Europe as well! – Guess there are quite a bit Zetec S (or Sport as they are called here) owners that would be interested in this upgrade. :)
  11. Montune upgrade

    Maybe you have already seen this webpage... but since it´s Mountune´s own homepage, I find it must be the best place to find information! - There is also the possibilty to contact them directly from this page... either by phone or mail. http://www.mountuneperformance.com/index.p...=39:latest-news Meanwhile I will be #¤%&%¤¤## because this upgrade with 99,6% can´t be bought in Denmark! - And if it finally became avaliable here, it would most certainly cost at least twice as much as in the UK! :)
  12. NEW Ford Fiesta ST/RS

    I´ve just posted something on this topic in another thread! - Scroll to the bottom of the thread... http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...?showtopic=4219 :)
  13. No, actually I haven´t... but maybe it´s worth considering! Don´t know about the rules in UK, but in Denmark you are allowed to tint the rearwindows up to 100%, but the sidewindows in front and especially the windscreen has some limits in how much they can be tinted! - Can´t remember how much it is... but it´s not that much! Anyway... I prefer all windows (maybe except the windscreen) to be in the same colour, and do not want to Black out the rearwindows alone... so if I end up tinting the windows, it would be "just a little bit" more than they are now! I think the RS is a ghost! - That article is a year old and before the economical world was turned upside down! The ST has apparently been shelfed for now and will not debut for the next couple of years... if ever! If thats true, the RS must be more than just a couple of years away! Another thing is, that the photos of the "supposed to bee" RS, looks a lot like how the ST is/was going to look like... and sice they haven´t even fitted the rearspoiler from the Zetec S, the Photos/animation must have been a bit of a "long shot"! - I guess, that if the RS some day will break the light, it will have larger wheelarches (amongst other things) as its "trademarks"... just as the Focus RS and some of its predecessors! We just have to wait and see... but when everything settles again (hopefully), I think that Ford will show us the ST since it seems that it was pretty close to production when they apparently pulled the pluck! :)
  14. It´s a little bit funny (damn, I saw Moulin Rouge last week... and the the Elton John song seems to be stuck in my head! ;) ), but after I fitted those new alloys my car has turned quite a few heads! It´s not like it didn´t turn any heads before... of course it did, cause the new Fiesta has only been out on the streets for the last month or so... and until now I´ve have only seen one other Zetec S (and one Titanium 3-doors) even though I live in Copenhagen! - There are some 5-door models out there though... but not many for now. Guess it will change in the near future, as the Fiesta was the most sold car last month! :) So the car has been noticed by a lot of people... but after tuesday when I replaced the standard wheels with the new alloys, the glancing has tripled or more! :) My last car was the Seat Leon TFSI Sport-up. I was one of the first to get it in Denmark, as I ordered the car without trying it... and even though it was lowered and fitted with 18" RS6 wheels it didn´t turn as many heads as my new Fiesta with the 17" alloys! - My guess is, that I´ve bought some very nice alloys that suits the car... or I´ve turned prettier for the past few years! - Think I will go for the first option! ;) :)
  15. Pics of new alloys fitted on car!

    I´ve replied in another thread: http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index...?showtopic=4219 :)