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  1. Hi all, New on here and hoping that someone may be able to help me. I turned on the car this morning and drove about a Kilometre when I heard an alert beeper and a message on my dash displaying 'Engine Malfunction'. I pulled in, turned the engine off for a couple of minutes and then back on again butthe problem still persisted. I did the self diagnosis test and got the following but have no idea what any off it means - Guage Sweep Then a orange light on display LED Test ROM Level 0230 NVM Target ROM 0230 NVM EEPROM LVL 0001 Manufacture Start 6A Chimer Module on 750hz, 50% Manufacture Hours 0018 DTC 00 NONE Road Speed 0.0mph Road Speed 0.0kmh Speedo Guage 0045 Engine Speed 0000 Tacho Guage 001A ODO Roll Count 0 Fuel AD1 Input 115 Active Fuel AD2 Input 0 Passive Fuel Guage 0128 Fuel Flow 0000 Fuel Percent 0017 Engine Temp 49c Temp Guage 0043 Battery 12.2 Dist to Empty 239km RAFE 43.5L/100km Pats Key Flags 10 A/D Input 00 8F A/D Input 01 FF A/D Input 02 A6 A/D Input 03 FF A/D Input 04 5B A/D Input 05 14 Port A 2B Port B 02 Port E 0F Port K 00 Port L FF Port M 14 Port P 22 Port S 11 Port T ED Port U 00 Port V 00 Port D 3B Personality 01 00 Personality 02 00 Personality 03 00 Personality 04 00 The car has 90,000km on it. I read somewhere that it DPF becomes a problem at this milage but again I have no real idea what it means. If anyone could shed any light on what the problem may be I would very much appreciate it. Thanks in Advance