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  1. Hi Pete, thanks for the reply. I took it back to halfords and they tried an interference suppressor but that did not work and the noise was still present. I may pull the stereo and try to mess around with the wires? Do you suggest the cables on the harness going into the stereo or the wires going into the parrot blue box? Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Anyone? Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Anyone able to help or make any suggestions? I contacted parrot and they said the following: "It is unusual for static noise, it isn't a common problem with the MKi9200. Usually interference is installation related and in most cases is an earthing issue on the audio system or it could be noise suppression issue with the alternator. Your kit/installation will require further investigation.'' Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Hi all, I had a parrot mki9200 installed in my ford focus today and everything works great. However, when I make a call whilst driving there is some (a little) static noise which increases with the speed / revs of the engine. Does anyone know if this is a known issue or common occurrence amongst these bits of kit. P.S - I had the MusicConnect lead installed (same as James Simpsons video) to power the SD / USB music through the car's stereo amp instead of the parrot blue box amp. Kind regards.
  5. Parrot Mki9200

    I think what he meant is that using the Non SOT lead from ebay (usually £26.00) will ensure your music is powered by the amp on the car stereo instead of the Parrot blue box, which at times can be tinny. I am having my MKi9200 fitted this week! fun times. P.S - John I am having mine fitted in the exact position as yours :-D. How did you attach yours? Did you attach the main clamp with sticky pads which the screen docks onto and then stick it to the swivel bracket? Also, is it easy to view the screen in the position you have installed it to?
  6. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    Sorry I missed this reply. I will buy this adapter in the mean time and tomorrow I will purchase the main kit. I will try to completely remove the ISO aerial altogether and replace with the DAB one I bug from ford. Failing that I will have the adapter you linked to as a back up. Should I be able to purchase all of this from Sandicliffe Ford?
  7. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    I'm kind of thinking I brought the wrong unit now? :-(. Would you recommend buying the kit originally highlighted? And then see how it get on? P.S - where did you buy your kit from? I cannot find anywhere in Leicester that would stick this?
  8. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    Hmm it might be worth purchasing that adapter in case. What I do not get though is the connection is one long ISO cable that runs from behind the stereo and speedometer to the a pillar and a pillar to the headliner (behind the light). So by completely removing the ISO cable and replacing it with FAKRA would eliminate the whole ISO connection adapter need wouldn't it? I wonder what the two different connections are for? FM & DAB? Thanks pal.
  9. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    Hi Stoney, I have taken a pic of the stereo rear to show you the FAKRA connections it has. Just to clarify the parts you listed would all work right? Thanks a million mate! Sats.
  10. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    Stoney, thanks for your help pal! I greatly appreciate it. When I install the DAB aerial to the headliner after removing the light. Do I keep the fm wire there also? Is there anyway I can PM you or contact you on FB? Thanks matey. Sats.
  11. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    Thanks for that mate! I appreciate it! Regarding the Fakra / ISO connection would the one i posted a link for from eBay do the job? Also does radio look like the correct one? http://bit.ly/1aeM73u Thanks Stoney!
  12. Usb / Bluetooth On Ford Focus Zetec 59 Plate

    Great stuff! Thanks for your reply. I'm using my iPhone so will not be able to check your post, do u mind posting the link to the thread? I sure wish I had someone helping me when I do this! - hoping it go's right! Any one in the East Midlands / Leicester area willing to meet for help?