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  1. Update guys changed the fuel filter very few of what looked like metal filings about 6 of them the size of fleas lol took the crank sensor out and it is absolutely covered in filings of the flywheel I have cleaned it but it don't look up to much. Think it is going to have to be a new one. Would this cause my issue... I NEED MORE DAYLIGHT
  2. Hi BOF, thanks for your info q's I will try and answer as best I can . The car does crank at a normal speed when trying to start but won't fire up. When it has been running it will start of a couple of cranks if it try for too long with the key it will stop and bring a flashing glow plug light. Normally once started and ''driving'' at speeds more than 20 hasn't cut out under that speed. Any speed about 20 the glow light will come on and will cut out. If I take 1st through its full gear then 2nd at top revs it will have a glow plug light and cut out once in 3 rd gear, it seems to be when I want more power/speed that it does it more regular. So 3rd 4th 5th 6th glow plug light and cut out. Cam sensor looks exactly the same give my reg and he give me that one no visual damage to old sensor that's visible I have changed my fuel filter today now from what looks to me as some one said in earlier post metal filings. Only a few though cut filter open and found not on the filter and there was another 2 on the bottom. I am going to look up where the temperature sensor and variable speed sensors are. Cheers guys
  3. Registered year 2004 on a 53 plate and im sure i seen delphi parts on the car on things ive seen i can check tomorrow to be certain, where is the pumps location? part i seen with delphi wrote on it was at the front to the left of the starter motor. cheers for your reply.
  4. how much does that cost roughly, is there much work involved with that @ mintalkin Thanks for all replies guys getting some good info feeling as if there is hope lol.
  5. It has a full service history half main dealer, I dont no if it has had a remap or not the guy i bought it off said his brother serviced the car and then it wouldnt start off the key would only bump start but he didnt say it was cutting out or anything to me. just strung me a line one thinks lol.
  6. right well i think my next 3 steps are changing fuel filter, checking the wiring and glow plugs.I heard something tonight about some wires that may of corroded as such from the cam sensor.. Is this right ?? How much is ECU reprogramming ''roughly'' same as a remap??
  7. Cheers wase would faulty glow plugs make it cut out and give that code. I dont rule out thats maybe why its not a good starter :)
  8. Hi Mick, Thanks for your reply. Please pardon my ignorance but what is a pcm. Is this an easy fix? It is absolutely doing my head in :( Cheers
  9. HI Guys, ford mondeo tdci 130 zetec s. 120,000 miles. Car keeps cutting out alot just after glow plug light comes on could be a few seconds after setting off or a couple of minutes. totally random but happens more when foot is down and when at higher speeds 50-60. don't go any faster lol. also in limp but not always it wont start off the key when cold it has to be bumped off. Also it dont smoke or anything like that when its warm it will start off the key but the longer you leave it the harder it gets to start. Had an OBD reader on it and it come up with P0251 INJECTION PUMP A - CIRCUIT MALFUNCTION (cam/rotor/injector) P1000 undefined code P1000 I have put a grey cam sensor in mine was black.. i have a new fuel filter i am going to put in tomorrow doubt itll fix it but wont do any harm in trying. Any experience with these codes??? Any help would be great..Cheers Guys i only bought it 4 days ago and the guy failed to mention these issues apart from he said it wouldn't start off the key. i thought him being a fireman might of been honest never mind eh..
  10. Problem With Low Sound At Max Volume.

    Thanks for the reply Stoney I'll try another today if I can get hold of a one and I'll let you no.
  11. Hi guys. 2004 53 mondeo tdci head unit 6000. This is my first post so please be patient lol. My friend was trying to jump start my car the other day and put the red + wire on a bit of the engine above the alternator. (Not on the alternator directly above it at very top of the engine) Then there was smoke coming off the lead so he disconnected it. When I tried my stereo it was turned to max volume and I could only hear it if I put my head to the speakers. Would be great if some one can shed some light on it. Thanks kindly Andy :)