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  1. I'm getting my Mk4 2ltr diesel tomorrow so will post my mpg from that for comparison as I have a looooong drive to do to get it home.
  2. I had the same problem when I entered mine into ETIS, mixed up the "O" and "zero". To be fair, it's not that obvious.
  3. I just went out to take a photo - my sensors are in the upper part of the bumper in the black trim, but the tow bar is raised as well because of the height of my 4-wheel trailer, and also has a bike rack fitting (in black in the picture). So it depends where your sensors are placed relative to the tow bar projection. Like I say, the sensors just about pick up the towbar but only when the plastic cover is installed, so now I never put it on.
  4. I agree with Isetta, the sensors are picking up the presence of the tow bar. Same happened to me, but only when I had the plastic cover on, when I took it off they didn't do that any more so it must have been right on the edge of their "vision". Maybe yours are placed to pick up more near the centre of the car? I could suggest drilling new holes further apart for the middle two sensors but that would leave your bumper looking *****.
  5. I'd go with that, or start with a low base price and a full menu of payable options. There is some good stuff that is not available on the lower models but then you have to get all the stiff you don't want included with the higher spec ones.
  6. I like the winter comfort features (specially for Russian customers I imagine) including "frost proof door locks" and "snow does not get into the car when opening the door" - not sure how they manage the last one in a blizzard! Big buttons that operate without taking off your gloves sounds an important feature over there, more reliable than a heated steering wheel?
  7. No worries, I got in - had to change to UK location that's all!
  8. Hi, I have tried to register with the Etis site to look up a car I am likely to buy, see that all details match etc, but having trouble signing up. Basicaaly I go through the sign up with name, email address and setting a user name and password, but then this throws up an error as below. The location sets itself automatically to United States even though I am not there, but presume that can't be the issue? Any thoughts on what I am dong wrong?
  9. You can't just hook it up to 12V and hope it works - the wiring needs to connect to the wiring look to make sure each trailer light comes on at the right time - indicators, brakes, tail light, and fog light. I assume you have the electrical wiring kit to go with the physical towbar, either generic or car specific? Basically when I did mine I found the wiring diagram from the Haynes Manual to get the wire colours for each type of light and used skotch-lock to tap the towbar electrical cables into each one by one. Or you can trace the wires back from the bulb holders if you want. Mine came with a buzzer that comes on with the indicators but I think that was just in line with those cables. Many don't like using skotch-lock because there is a risk of a bad connection but mine has worked well with regular use for 10 years now. It is pretty straightforward if you take your time and work logically. Edit - crossed message with Tom but at least we are saying pretty much the same thing
  10. Has anyone used a small solar panel to keep their battery topped up when not using the car regularly? I see you can get them with 12v plugs that go into the normal docket inside the car and rest the solar panel on the dashboard. Just wondering if they are any good.
  11. Sounds like you were sold good old fashioned snake oil! There is only one reliable way of dealing with the Mk2 DPF problem imo, but not many want to recommend it nowadays.
  12. I didn't end up doing anything more than squirting some lubricant in through the key hole and it has kept going since. Sounds like you have something more serious going on.
  13. I think you need to find out some more information on what this so called carbon cleaning is before anyone can advise. I have sen some writeups on terraclean which sound positive, maybe you could look into that in more detail?
  14. Yeah, I know.! I keep meaning to but never had too much go wrong that needed codes pulled or settings changed. Then as the car got older I thought there was no point if I was going to change to another brand, although I see that the hardware is suitable for other brands and would just need different software installed on the laptop. Now is the time so I can properly start playing with it and hope not to mess things up too much until I get to know what I don't know if you get my meaning.
  15. So I'm homing in on a year old Mk 4 estate, 2ltr diesel with plenty of options added... I know I asked a lot of questions already, but as my current car is 13 years old things have developed a bit in newer cars. Specifically, do all newer diesels now have Adblue reservoirs that need topping up regularly? Any feedback from those who have this, are they a pain or you just get used to it etc? Separately, do most of the "safety" features have the ability to be turned off eg. vibration from the lane departure thingy, parking sensors when towing or with the bike rack on, and generally other beeping noises that cause more distraction than benefit etc? I thought I might get a modified ELM diagnostic thing from Tunnelrat and get it to work with Forscan which should allow me to play with some of the configuration if I have properly understood some of the threads on this website - I will no doubt be asking lots more questions when I get my head into that.