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  1. Ha, I've only had the Mk2 12 years and didn't know that.
  2. All my previous cars were done manually, usually I would get around to it a few weeks after the clocks changed in each direction. Seems like a step backwards if you can't do it manually any more and the automatic bit doesn't work.
  3. Should the time change automatically with the clocks going back last night or has it got to be done manially? Just that mine stayed on summer time.
  4. Hard to hear on the video really. Mine has been doing the same for a couple of years now, but I always got the impression it was coming from the belt area. It is more noticeable when driving with the windows open and you hear the reflection when you drive past buildings, sometimes more pronounced than others. Typically when I took it to my normal garage to get it checked out it wasn't that obvious so hard to diagnose. I uploaded a short video here if it helps to compare, but not really that obvious either..
  5. 150k on mine. There are a few issues I am not bothering to fix now due to the value of the car being so low its not worth it. A few dings, a/c packed up and would need a new condenser, bonnet lock removed but overall running well for its age and mileage with very few repairs, just normal servicing and maintenance which I do mostly myself nowadays..
  6. Been driving my UK Focus on the wrong side of the road full time for the past 10 years and the only inconvenience is when pulling out to overtake and for paying tolls on the motorway. I never bothered with changing the lights and the only time I have been flashed by oncoming traffic is when heavily loaded and the front is pointing upwards. I know lots of people get their LHD headlight units from Germany as cheaper and more choice so you could look at or similar.
  7. Take a look at this post - I thought it was coming through the light fittings first bt then found there is a weld seam higher up on the roof that was letting the water in. I came in at the roof but trickled under the trim and dripped from below the light area. I didn't fix it yet, waiting until I need to l open a tube of silicone for DIY and will use a bit to cover the leaking area and hopefully seal it. Until then I am driving around with the plastic trim and carpet taken off the the spare wheel well is a swimming pool.
  8. Its a camera not satnav. It picks up temporary signs and sometimes even signs from side streets when it shouldn't. Other times when I come out of a speed limited area but there was no new speed limit sign the car continues to show a 30 limit when its clearly not the case. Just like all these driver aids, it still needs the driver to have some common sense.
  9. Great find, that will come in handy when I need to get in behind the dash for whatever reason. Just need to remember that it exists and where to look.
  10. I read the first few words in the context of "red light"... but no,that's not what you meant
  11. Has the one for the Mk4 come out yet?
  12. I take it the false floor in the estate took the weight without collapsing? I redid the floor tiles for the whole house this summer - 2 pallets plus 20x25kg bags of tile adhesive. Didn't risk putting it in the back of the car but took a couple of trips with the trailer and the 2 ltr engine did a good job of pulling it without effort compared to my previous 1.6 TDCi
  13. Every bit of cheap plastic that comes out of China has a CE mark on it so that probably won't change, but take from that what you will.
  14. I made sure by getting the estate and 2 ltr diesel which I think has it in any combination. In reality I probably wouldn't even notice any difference, but its really important now that I know I have it.
  15. A bit off topic, but a welcome distraction from talk of auto-hold whatever... Is there a way of deactivating the seatbelt warning chimes in the Mk4? I did this on my Mk2 with a series of click in/out of the seatbelts but can't remember exactly what it was. BTW I do wear my seatbelt on public roads but sometimes its useful not to have to buckle up if you are getting in and out, like to open and close a gate and such like.