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  1. As I said above that has happened to me twice, once I was lucky to be able to pull onto the hard shoulder where it was a bit wider and the other I limped about a mile along the hard shoulder in first gear to the services. Both times I changed the wheel myself and carried on a lot quicker than waiting for a tow and if on a Sunday or evening/night there is probably no chance of getting it repaired same day anyway. I won't buy a car without some sort of spare, which is becoming more of a challenge nowadays.
  2. Ah ok, so you think either the studs are not long enough or the wheel material is too thick. I agree it does not look right, but mine look the same though I can't see any thread and I can't remember the details of the nuts themselves as its been a while since I had them off. Might be worth checking how many turns you get to see if there is enough thread holding them on.
  3. I think you jinxed me Tom, tyre pressure warning lamp came on yesterday showing all four tyres with the same correct pressure but a star or exclamation mark against the front left. I will add some air and hopefully it will go off and is not a faulty sensor. If the light doesn't go out then I have a month of warranty left and will have to take it in to Ford to sort out and that would be a PITA.
  4. I have it booked in and will feedback once it is done next week. All this talk of breakdown assistance - doesn't say much about the confidence levels people have with new or newish cars nowadays! For a well maintained car driven sensibly how many times would you expect to have to use it? I can think of one time in 30 years that I had to call my Dad from the side of the road to help me out with a broken clutch cable (that was in about 1991 or 92), although no mobile phones in those days so had to knock on someone's door to ask to use the phone. Twice had tyres blow-out on the motorway but changed the wheel myself and got on with the journey. Oh, and once I ran out of fuel (my own fault) and had to hitch hike to a petrol station to buy a can and fill it. Saving 30 years of these subscriptions will more than pay for a tow truck if ever I need it.
  5. I don't understand that bit, if there is thread visible inside the nut then it isn't tightened, or what is it tightened against? Surely the wheels would be loose in that case.
  6. Oops, shows my recent diversity training at work was a waste of time. Promise to be better behaved in future!
  7. He says he has already had the cambelt changed. I would say that for a 15 year old car, standard service schedules become a moot point. Oil and filter change every year and fix anything that is wearing out or breaks would be my approach.
  8. Just thinking about this, I usually do the oil change on my driveway just after coming back from somewhere so the engine and oil are warm and run out easier. Given the garage is only about 3 minutes drive and they may not do it straight away, I can only assume the thicker cold oil will not all run out and some will be left in no matter how long they leave it to drain. I'm sure a small amount of old oil left in does no harm, or do they leave the engine running half an hour before starting the job to warm it up?
  9. That might be for first year "service" which only involves looking around and checking fluids as far as I know. They charge a lot more if they have to get their hands dirty at the end of year 2. My annual Mk2 service while it was still under guarantee was over £250 and that was nearly 15 years ago so I imagine its got more expensive since.
  10. That was my thinking, plus I trust my local guy more than the main dealer 20 miles away to do a good job. I can leave the car in the morning and walk home to give him the day to do the job, not go through the palaver of "checking it in", being offered a coffee (or not) and told to kick me heals for an hour or two, get a call to say the wiper blades need doing which I would decline, get back to be told it is not done, walk around the industrial estate some more, get back to a washed and shiny car but covered in streaks (or not) ...you get my drift. Found nothing broken (can't fault it, but should do a good check) and I fear that getting any modules updated would only create issues and would have to go back again. Warranty is only 2 years here and ends in a couple of months so not concerned there. Having a stamp in the book may help with selling if I that within a couple of years, otherwise that becomes a moot point as well.
  11. I am getting my first service done at an independent garage I have normally used for older cars when needed and happy with them, usually doing the routine servicing myself. My Mk 4 is coming up to needing a first service and I don't have time or inclination to do this myself just now so will book it in. Apart form all the b/***** 30 point health check nonsense that Ford promote I take it there is only the oil and filter change that actually needs doing? I will also ask them to reset the oil service message which I assume they can do without Ford-specific diagnostic tools - I will ask them anyway as I could do without that message flashing up every time I start the car.
  12. So I followed Stephen's advice, grew a pair, put on my tightest big boy pants, took a deep breath and...all is ok! At least that's one thing that Ford got right. I was tempted to look at the Renault forums to see if someone was asking the same question about the eejit in the Ford hitting him, but judging by the state of that car and the way it was being driven I don't think he would have noticed if the whole mirror had come off.
  13. Yesterday I had my drivers side power fold mirrors folded in by a clash with some eejit coming the other way along a narrow road. Nothing broken and I was able to push it back to the right angle just like a manual one. I didn't lock the car when I got home so haven't checked that the motorised part still works - is there any reason it shouldn't or is there any reason I could do some damage when the motor tries to fold them in? My feeling is not by thought I would ask the question anyway.
  14. Can't you just take the other one (not the one you lost) with you to the shop or dealer and they can come out with one the same?
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