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  1. Mk2 1.6TDCi tapping noise

    Hi all, just wondering if I have a problem developing - driving along today and I could hear a fast tapping type of noise coming from the engine. It only happened when accelerating under load at lowish revs and I could only hear it with the window down and as it was reflected off garden walls and houses. No noise when in neutral or cruising/decelerating in gear, or at higher revs (unless the noise of the engine itself was drowning it out). Opened up the bonnet when I got home and there was nothing untoward, no obvious leaks on hoses or at the injectors, and no noise at all even when revving it up. the only thing I noticed is that the oil was a bit low (expected that as I have a small drip from the sump plug) but it seemed a bit watery, not as black as normal. Last changed about 7000 miles ago and due again soon. Just wondering if this is the symptom of something about to cost me a load of money. For info this is a 2007 1.6 TDCi engine with 135k miles on the clock, DPF and EGR disabled some years ago. The car drives fine, except for this annoying noise.
  2. focus mk2 facelift boot leak

    Thanks Tom. Do you mean just normal general purpose machinery grease that comes out of a grease gun? If so I have some and will try it.
  3. focus mk2 facelift boot leak

    What product did you use for sealing the light clusters? I was hoping there is something available that will still allow to take them off to change bulbs which silicone probably wont.
  4. Bonnet Lock - So close, yet so far!

    If you have already taken the two bolts out that hold the mechanism in place then the whole lot should just come up with the bonnet - it might need to be moved backwards towards the engine a bit to get past the lugs, and be careful with the electrical connector which I think is linked to the alarm. That is exactly what I did with mine and it was a pain but did get it open that way. Then either replace the white plastic cross with a longer aftermarket one off ebay as said above or what i did was remove the key barrel and cable altogether and I made up a tool which slots right into the catch mechanism to open the bonnet through the grill.
  5. New Mk2 Owner - 2 Issues

    I recently noticed the spare wheel area sopping wet - dried it out best I could but haven't had time to find the root cause yet. The video says it is the hinge point of the boot lid so will have a look at that. He also siliconed the light clusters but that will be a pain next time he needs to change a bulb! On the boot switch, it happened to me once a few years ago and I found that if I press downwards at the same time as pressing the switch button this openned fine and has been OK ever since.
  6. Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Another Mk2 owner here with a spare wheel swimming in water and mould one the carpet and right hand side (I have a cover on the boot floor so didn't see it till I needed to get the wheel jack out)! Did you get anywhere with working out where your leak was coming from? I get some water running from the boot lid when I open it and guess it runs down around the lights then out of some channel or other - I will be starting with taking the light cluster off which is high up on the Mk2 then go from there.
  7. Boot lid struts - possibly needing replaced?

    I was surprised at the price of replacements - thought they would be a lot more. Mine are same as described above and will change them before I need to prop up the lid to keep it open (which I have had to do on old cars before).
  8. Cheap and cheerful or not?

    Sounds like you have it down to an art. I wasn't having a go, just saying what my memories were when growing up. Unless you know your way around cars and what to look out for or personally know the history of an older car for sale, there will always be a risk that you buy a lemon - a least that would be the risk for me. Saying that I wouldn't mind picking up a well looked after future classic at some point and keep it going as a hobby if ever I found the time.
  9. Cheap and cheerful or not?

    I take a different approach - buy nearly new (2 or 3 years old) and then keep it a long as I can. Most of the time that is not long enough due to changing personal circumstances, but have had my current Focus 10 years and it is going better than ever (touch wood), and now costing near nothing in depreciation. I need the car for work, including going to the airport to catch flights so need something reliable which the Focus has been so far. My Dad did it your way, but I always remember him spending his weekends underneath them, having to pick up bits off the road as they fell off or being stopped by the police for something or other. MOT time was always a worry, especially with rusty under bodywork at the time which he would cover in old engine oil and blag the tester or at least distract him so he would miss the most obvious problems! The worst was an old Vauxhall Victor which only cost him £200 but literally fell apart one bit at a time.
  10. Focus 2011 1.6tdci injector

    From the photo, how do you tell if the wet patch is from a leaking injector or from oil that spilled when refilling, seeing as it is right by the oil filler cap?
  11. Ford Focus 2.0 TDci for sale - advice

    I wonder if the bottom has just dropped out of the market for diesels with all the recent bad publicity? You have a long list of recent maintenance, most of it normal wear and tear so that should give someone comfort that there shouldn't be any big repair bills around the corner. Out of interest how much did you pay for the clutch and DMF replacement (I have this to look forward to soon)?
  12. fuel filter

    I'm like you Tom, happy to do the maintenance needed but always looking for reasonable priced quality parts. I hate doing the fuel filter on the Mk2 because in the back of my mind I am always thinking that I will get to the end of the job and won't get all the air out of the lines and it won't start - nothing more embarrassing or frustrating. Strangely my filters last well without clogging and I have only changed them when there is a problem with the fuel delivery or another problem that can't be explained another way. The recommendation is to change every 37,500 miles but my first one lasted over double that. The second was changed when I had an unexplained EML (which turned out to be glow plugs instead) and the current one should be up for a change soon but if it ain't broke and all that...I will do so at the first sign of something not right.
  13. Juddering

    Thanks all, that reassures me that I am not looking at an imminent big repair bill! As per Tom's comments, it happens for the first few junctions in the morning and I hadn't made the link with it happening mainly on damp days. I drive hire cars quite often and never really noticed it on those, but probably will now that I know. Driving an (relatively) old car makes me wish for it to be simpler to work out what is wrong and be able to fix it without plugging a computer to it, but there are definitely things I would not want to go back to such as those mentioned above. I don't really rate all the newer features being offered nowadays such as traction control, lane assist, self parking etc because I like to have control of the driving myself but who knows, maybe we might all look back in 20 years and say we can't live without them...
  14. Juddering

    I have had a juddering feeling with the car when pulling away from a junction, especially in the mornings when the engine is still cold. Its has been on and off for a while but not really getting any worst as far as I can tell, but it is definitely noticeable and I try to pull out a bit slower when it happens. It is only at the point of pulling away in 1st gear and does not happen in 2nd or 3rd at all, and much less often after the first few miles of a journey. Do you think this is a sign of the clutch or DMF on their way out? I only ask because another thread made a link between this kind behaviour and clutch/flywheel issues. The car has 130k miles on the clock and still on these original parts. Thanks for any feedback
  15. fuel filter

    The filter I use for the same engine is the picture below. Both types come up for my car on ECP but this is the one that matches what was on it already. Unfortunately it is double the price of the other one, but you have to use the right one! The oil I have used recently is the Shell Helix Ultra Professional AF fully synthetic. It was on special offer a while back so I bought 4 of them to last me a while. I think as long as it meets the Ford spec it is fine.