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  1. Ford Fiesta 03 Refitting Dash

    I'm afraid that's what I used and unfortunately the guy on the video simply says it's a difficult task loll no video of how he actually fits it in that part is skipped entirely
  2. Ford Fiesta 03 Refitting Dash

    The green bit that actually goes into the controls has no play. It needs to be fitted into the dial on the right which controls where the air comes out of
  3. Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had any tips fitting the dash back on the fiesta mk6. removed it to install new radio. Now having trouble getting the vent controls dial to fit into the dash. Any ideas?
  4. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    So after googling and researching I finally managed to do it thought I'd post the good results maybe for someone else in the future
  5. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    I turned on the car with the reset button and from the looks of it. It didn't do anything. Is there some particular way to do this.
  6. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    Cheers smith and stoney. I shall try this on Monday hopefully report good news.
  7. Just purchased a fiesta lx tdci 2003 which I think is mk6. There are two things I want to do. Hook up my phone and have some information regarding mpg. Firstly on to music and calls. I want to have a means of doing this without damaging the aesthetics therefore I'm contemplating soldering an auxiliary cable on to the cd player. If anyone has done this what's the quality like. It's between this and Bluetooth FM transmitter. Secondly I want to install a Bluetooth obd2 into the fiesta. Is this possible? Is it compatible? Essentially I'm all green and I want to save fuel and drive as economically as possible. Personal satisfaction in gaining highest amount of mpg. Hook it up to the torque app and hopefully I can do this. Is this possible. Thank you
  8. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    Must have owned it for a while. How cold are we talking here. Could you check when you turn on the ignition, of it lights up. I was under the impression on the first turn off the key all the lights on the dash turn on all the LCD are filled, even the open door sign comes on. Please have a look at the video. Shouldn't the light at least come on for that part.
  9. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    I have attached some pictures from the manual.
  10. Mk4 Remote Central Locking Installation

    Quite sure it would be a lot. You are better off contacting 3rd party key fob specialist who could make them from about 100+ PERHAPS. If u really want I can ask a friend who has got it done before
  11. Fiesta Mark 5 Windows Misting Up - Solutions?

    I have noticed this too. I have found a workaround by turning air circulation off. Don't ask me how but it's helped. Haven't had the problem since. Try turning off the air circulation
  12. Ford Fiesta 1.4 Tdci 03 Model Lx

    Thanks for your reply. OK so that's the new Mondeo. My fiesta is relatively old and the manual does say that there should a glow switch in the diesel models. When I have access to my car again on Monday. I will shine a bright light on that area see if I can see anything. But obviously it would be reassuring if someone with the same model could tell me if they have one.
  13. hi, I had a quick question about this particular model. I have recently purchased it. when u turn on the ignition a bunch of lights turn on and one by one disappear leaving only engine oil, handbrake and battery light on. Mr question is that firstly is this normal and secondly that I don't see a coil indicator. As in I don't see it light up. having passed on a diesel I know to wait after turning on the ignition before starting the engine. can someone shed some light on if this ossified model had to have that indicator. I have attached a video to make it easier. tmp_VID-20131206-WA0001-1825060382.mp4