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  1. Clutch Alternator Pulley, Where To Buy One???

    I want a new pulley really, not a second hand one.
  2. I've had a rattle/ticking sound coming from the belt side of my engine for a while now and so far ive replaced the cam belt and tensioner, aux belt, tensioner and idle pulley. Next on my hit list is the alternator pulley as its the clutch type and i've read else where when they go they make a ticking noise. I phoned ford and they want £189 for the whole drive arm with pulley! I only want the pulley but i'm struggling to find one listed anywhere. Where can i get? Anyone fitted an uprated one? Thanks Graham
  3. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    New Cambelt and tensioner fitted now, very easy to do by your self! However the metallic sound is still there! The only thing i can think of changing is the water pump and alternator clutch. I'll do the water pump sometime soon, next month or two. Anyone else got any ideas what this sound could be???
  4. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    Feedback: Fitted new aux belt pulley now so the car has had a new belt, tensioner and pulley and the metallic sound is still there. Next will be the Cambelt and tensioner. On the up, if your having starting issues, lose of power with the glow plug light flashing at you, change your Cam Position Sensor for the new type which are grey in colour!
  5. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    Thanks for your reply Nao. I have done an oil change not to long ago and the sound was there before. I have ordered a new Aux pulley, cam belt kit and the revised cam sensor and wiring (to fix another problem) hopefully all will be well once this lot is fitted. I will report back once it's done. Thanks to everyone for your input.
  6. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    Hi taffg, Yeah I mentioned the idle pulley in the original post but I couldn't find any where to actually buy it. Did u manage to buy a new one? If so where from???
  7. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    The cam belt is one of the easiest to do on these engines. The belt only goes round the cam, tensioner and fuel pump. I've always done my own maintenance and I'm not going to give up my right arm for Ford to do my belt, lol. Thanks the info on the heatshield I will check that out.
  8. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    Hi Alex, I haven't noticed the sound appearing or disappearing when using the heated rear screen but i'll be sure to keep an ear out for it.
  9. Metallic Sound From Belt Side Of Engine...

    No Ford dealers will be involved in the cam belt and tensioner change. I'll be doing it by myself. Thanks for your reply.
  10. Hi all, i bought my 02 Focus 1.8 TDCi Estate in April/May last year. In October i noticed a metallic sound coming from the belt side of the engine. You can only here this sound when the engine is kind of cold but not first thing in the morning, only when its been running for 10 mins or so and its not there when the engine is warm. Also its only there when the engine is idle, if you rev the sound disappears. I done a bit of research and the consensus was a worn Aux belt tension. So i bought the tensioner and a new belt, fitted it all up but it did not cure the sound. Now i'm thinking cam belt and tensioner, it hasn't been changed on the car from what i can see in the history and the car is now on 68k so its time for a new one anyway. Is there any other belt running bearings that can be bought and replaced on the engine? I did notice an idler on the tension belt but couldn't find it listed any where (haven't tried Ford). Any info much appreciated. Thanks Graham
  11. Thanks for your reply alz. My new tensioner looks completely different to the one you have pictured. It was sold to me by matching it up with my registration and when i've looked at the tensioner currently on the car it is the same as the one i have bought (luckily). Is the one you pictured from the TDDi?
  12. Hi all, I need to change my aux belt (fan belt) and tensioner, car is an 02 Focus 1.8 TDCi estate. I've bought the tensioner and had a look at where its mounted and the power steering pump is mounted on top of the tensioner bracket. Has anyone changed one before? Did u have to remove the pump completely or just unbolt it and slid the tensioner out of the way? How did u get at the bolts (its a bit tight looking in from the top of the engine bay)? Any help is much appreciated. Thanks Graham
  13. Focus Mk 1 Spluttering At Low Revs

    Just fixed a problem like this on my wifes 1.4 focus. If you look inbetween the inlet manifold (black plastic manifold on front of engine) you will see 2 rubber pipes coming off the engine, 1 from cyl 1 and the other from cyl4. These 2 pipes join a T-piece which connects to the positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve. One of these pipes might have a split. The pipe connected to cyl 1 was split on my wifes car and caused a misfire when cold and poor idling.
  14. What Do You All Think

    Looks very nice mate.
  15. HI, I want to change the drivers side door on my MK1 facelift focus estate (2002), its got a small dent and rust patch where the wing mirror and window meet. Will the door off a hatchback fit or does it have to be off another estate? Thanks Graham