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  1. Ford Mustang

    its simple really, the Mustang designer is a chap called Moray Callum from Scotland who's brother you will all know "ian Callum" who's now at Jaguar but used to be at Aston Martin Simples
  2. Ford Mustang

    Aston Martins designers brother penned the Mustang, so if all you seeing is Aston martin for £ 30k thats a good thing, unless you own an Aston People often say the Fiesta looks Aston.............
  3. I already know I want one. If they can squeeze (at least the base model) in under £30k, I will seriously consider getting one. I think the Ecoboost will just be on £ 30k or there abouts for the base model and perhaps £ 38k for the 5.0 What is frustrating, is that currently, even with VAT a Mustang starts under 20k in the states. I realise there will be import costs (as it sounds like they are going to build all Mustang's stateside?), but still, it doesn't seem unreasonable to get it under 30k over here. I own two Mustangs, one of which i Imported myself last year, to work out a comparison, if you just ignore shipping from USA and Light conversions etc, so just work only on price if a Mustang in the usa is 30,000 USD that roughly equates to £ 20,000 then our government add a 10% duty ( same for ford Uk) so that's now £ 22,000 then there's the dreaded VAT so that's now £ 26,400 So I guess if we take it for now that the Mustang will be built in USA factor then ford still have these figures to pay plus the shipping from the factory to the port then the shipping across the Atlantic , then the shipping to dealer plus the warranty and plus our lovely first year car tax then you can see how £ 30k makes sense Otherwise they are entering German Coupe territory which I don't think is a good idea. They need to aim for at or just above GT86/BRZ and TT country imo. People may say the 2.3L Ecoboost is not a mustang engine, but I think it is more than enough in the UK, and would make it viable as a daily driver (yes please :D ) Yes the current US model is also available with a V6 that gives 300HP normally aspirated so the Ecoboost should give a very similar drive