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  1. Squealing Noise 45Mph+

    Hi, thanks the the insight - can you please elaborate a bit here then? when you say the flexi pipe, what is this, and how does it stop the wheel from moving freely if it's damaged? i'll try and get it on the ramp then in a few weeks' time if I can. there's also a littile bit of a rattle type buzz at low revs, is the zetec engine a little 'tinny' , i.e. is this normal? thanks
  2. Squealing Noise 45Mph+

    I haven't a clue where the noise is coming from but I'm sure it's around the outside at the front somewhere. I did wonder if it might be wipers as they look like a pretty cheap pair though admittedly they work fine? How did you diagnose your issue then?
  3. Squealing Noise 45Mph+

    I haven't been on the motorway yet but not sure the volume increases with speed, it's more that it persists I think - it does sound like it's wind related, as you say mirror or windscreen perhaps, but no idea how to diagnose this at all?
  4. Rough Idle When Cold

    any links to a how to guide for that, is that likely to be the problem then? where would i find the idle speed control valve - is it easy to access? i also haven't any carb cleaner - would anything else work like wd40 or electrical contact cleaner?
  5. Squeaky Noise

    in my 3rd and final post.... a squeaky noise on the 2003 zetec i bought today. not sure exactly where it's coming from, but on having someone sit on the back right seat, the noise stopped. on her moving from that seat to the middle or back left, the noise came back straight away. mainly noticeable over bumps. surely it can't be suspension as it was fine when she was sitting on the back right seat. any ideas to remedy this please, and has anyone had this before? many thanks
  6. Squealing Noise 45Mph+

    me again - the focus i picked up today has an annoying squealing noise at speeds of 45 and above. can't work out where this is coming from - having searched on the internet, on some of the U.S. forums one or two threads suggest it 'normal' but i don't believe this for a minute! anyone have the same issues? it's a 2003 Zetec model. the noise only becomes apparent at speeds of 45 and above, and i checked all the windows - they are all closed tightly so just can't work out what it could be. thanks in advance
  7. Rough Idle When Cold

    just picked up my 2003 focus zetec today. the idle runs rough (jumps up and down) when the car starts from cold - i read elsewhere on here that this can be 'normal' in some cases but i've never heard of that before - surely not? it settles down once the engine is warm or when the accelerator is blipped a few times. any ideas?