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  1. Car Has Been Keyed?

    Managed to get a quote from a recommendation for £250.
  2. Car Has Been Keyed?

    Just seen it, I kept getting a server error on this site. So I presumed it hadn't posted. Apologies.
  3. Car Has Been Keyed?

    Hello guys, So this is the first time in 18 months that my car has been keyed. I'm almost 100% sure where it occurred, but not whom. I park my car down a side road where a couple of other people do and someone obviously doesn't like it. Fantastic. Here some images of the damage: http://gyazo.com/ccd20b36483de702dc525bd30d490f98 http://gyazo.com/3709732f41d43756d39bc180fffd93c4 http://gyazo.com/505707805801c71bdb2ae1ada344a8c2 http://gyazo.com/9dd4fdf8fed944bae4469e8e46f9cf9d http://gyazo.com/1bc3fe581d710f9a2e4a609d350554ac http://gyazo.com/fecb5788d05f328097650275e2be02a7 http://gyazo.com/083cae1144c1ff34062bfdcf1c88091d http://gyazo.com/f93e84aab33b85bd31c310aa5a829a72 http://gyazo.com/d9643914426aaaf991e0d3d7c4b43d21 I also noticed a few weeks back, under the lacquer is starting to look like it's been sanded.. So clearly the panel has been repaired before but rather carelessly. So the quotes I've had have said that they'd have to repair the whole panel and colour match the passenger door. Which has been valued at £300. Does that sound about right for this? Thanks, Charlie
  4. Hi guys, I have a 2006 Fiesta Zetec S and I was wondering how hard it is to install a custom DVD/GPS unit to replace the existing unit like the following: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/In-CAR-DVD-GPS-Sat-Nav-For-Ford-Focus-Galaxy-Fiesta-S-Max-C-Max-Fusion-Transit-/231084102968?pt=UK_AudioTVElectronics_GPSSystems_GPSSystems&hash=item35cdaf9538 The guide on how to remove the existing unit is relatively simple, but that model unit in the link above looks like it has 100x the cables that the original has. And I can't seem to find any guide on the net that shows you how to install it. Any ideas? Much appreciated. Charlie.